Dear Parents/Guardians,

    BPS is pleased to introduce our new electronic payment processing platform e~Funds. This secure platform will conveniently allow you to make payments on behalf of your student(s) for material and activity fees previously only handled through in hand cash or check as your building makes them available. This platform is currently being used at the discretion of each individual BPS building. Always follow the directive of your students school on how any payments should be made for all activities and fees.

    Parent Instruction Guide   Parent Portal Link  e-Funds Flyer 


    How do I get started?
    Navigate to the e~Funds for Schools website. 

    1. Click here to access the e~Funds for Schools’ Parent Portal.
    2. Select “Create an Account” and provide your profile information
    3. Select “Create Account” after you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

    How do I add my children to my account if I missed it during my initial account setup?

    1. Log into your account
    2. Select "Manage Students" from the left menu
    3. Enter your students Last Name and Student ID Number
    4. Select "Add Student"
    5. Click on your students name and you will find all applicable payment activities

    How do I make a payment?
    First, you will need to sign in to your e~Funds for Schools account.

    1. Under “Make a Payment,” select “Student Fees” or "Optional Fees"
    2. Select the desired student
    3. Select the desired Fee
    4. Complete any required information specific to the selected fee and click "ADD TO CART"
    5. To pay for additional fees click "GO BACK" in the upper left hand corner
    6. After adding all desired fees select "BEGIN CHECKOUT" or "Cart"
    7. Select "New Credit / Debit Card" or "New Direct Debit"
    8. Enter your Checking Account and/or Credit/Debit Card information
    9. Select "ADD CREDIT / DEBIT CARD" or "ADD"
    10. Select "PAY NOW"
    11. Review the confirmation page and if desired select "MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT"

    E~Funds FAQ

    Will this cost me anything?
    There is a small convenience fee associated with each payment: $1.00 for using your checking/savings account information (direct ACH), and $2.65 (per $100) for using your credit/debit card. This convenience fee is charged by e~Funds for each transaction and does not come to Birmingham Public Schools.

    Is the e~Funds for Schools site secure?
    All payments are secure with the latest encryption technology. Plus, e~Funds for Schools will never post any payments to your student's account without your knowledge and authorization.

    Click here for e~Funds risk & security details

    What if I have more than one student in the District? Do I need an account for each child?

    No, you can add each child to your one e~Funds for Schools account and make payments on behalf of all of them at the same time.

     I can’t remember my login information for the e~Funds for Schools Payment Portal.

    If you aren’t able to retrieve your login credentials using the “Forgot Password” and “Forgot Username” links on the Sign In page, please contact e~Funds for Schools at efs@mvpbanking.com.

    Can I see any of my previous payments?

    Yes, you can view payments for the current school year by:

    1. Sign in to your account
    2. On the left hand menu select “Payment History”

     Help! I’m on e~Funds for Schools’ website and I’m having trouble.
    For support, email e~Funds for Schools at efs@mvpbanking.com or select “Contact Us” from any e~Funds for Schools webpage.

    How To Create Parent Accounts


    How to add students to your e~Funds account


    Understanding fee categories and making payments


    How to view your payment history