Currently, in 2022, West Maple has received the highest award possible, State of Michigan Evergreen School, for our efforts over the past  years.

    The Green Team at West Maple consists of a group of students who are committed to supporting the concepts of Reducing, Recycling, and Reusing.  This group of 4th and  5th  grade students work diligently to help the environment and educate their peers.  The Green Team members work hard to promote environmentally friendly alternatives to products such as reusable sandwich bags, reusable water bottles, and turning lights off when you leave a room. They assist with recycling and up-cycling many items throughout the school, including paper of all types, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and other items. The students are an integral part of our work to be a "Green School." 

    The Green Team is also fundraising during the district Science Olympiad day with a bake sale to raise money to update the school library to include more “green” books and to buy supplies for the school garden!