Interested in becoming a Student Ambassador for the 2021-2022 School Year? 

    Or, see Mrs. Sak in the Community Service Office 




    Student ambassadors are an integral part of attracting and acclimating new families and students to the Groves community throughout the school year. Some activities and events that student ambassadors assist with are:

    • The Future Falcon Fair
    • Registration 
    • Open House
    • Eight Grade Parent Night
    • Individual Parent Tours
    • New Student Shadow Days


    CEOs / Co-Presidents
    Kalli Gaggos
    Caroline Kirsh-Carr
    Rylie Rosenfeld
    Dylan Brown

    The CEOs work directly with the Community Service Organizer to organize and orchestrate all Student Ambassador meetings and events, including any ambassador involvement in activities designed to attract and acclimate new families and students to Groves.
    COs (Communications Officers)
    Anna Forberg 
    Emma Schardt 
    The COs work with the Community Service Organizer to write and post all relevant news for the student ambassador program on the FANN, through Remind and on any social media outlet the E-board wishes to set up for this program.
    TOs (Training Officers)
    Destiny Dancy 
    Macy West 
    Kelton Carr
    Cameron McIntosh 
    The TOs are called upon to train freshmen ambassadors to lead incoming eight graders through personal shadow days as needed. This will occur in the spring.
    PTOs (Parent Tour Officers)
    Allison Bozyk 
    Madison Helmick 
    Avery Purther 
    Jada Wesley 
    Junior Class Liaisons
    Grace Khamis 
    Sarah Weinhaus 

    The PTOs work with the CSO to help orchestrate individual parent tours as requested by families living outside of our school district or those considering a move to Groves High School in the future.