• To report a student absence call 248-203-3500 option 2.

    Please include:
       Your name
       Student's name,  please
    spell last name
    Date of absence
       Reason for absence

    The following is taken from the Groves Student Handbook:

    Daily Absences – Excused and Unexcused
    To excuse a student’s absence, a parent or guardian must telephone the 24-hour answering service (248) 203-3500 option #2 no later than 8:00 a.m. on the school day following the absence. Whenever possible, parents are encouraged to notify the attendance office on the day of a student’s absence. If the attendance office is not contacted, this absence will be considered unexcused. Doctor’s notes may be required to verify appointments.

    Please email doctor's notes to Mrs. Gullo at

    For attendance policy information, please reference the Groves Student Handbook.