Berkshire VARC logo
  • What is VARC?

    VARC is an online resource for kids to go to when they need academic support.   

    When is VARC offered?

    • VARC is offered as a drop in service: click here to join
      • on Tuesday, from 1-1:50pm
      • and on Thursday, from 10:30-11:20am
    • VARC is also offered as a scheduled service. Students can complete this Google Form to request extra support.

    Once the Google Form is submitted, we will match students with an available tutor able to help with their specific area of need.   The tutor will contact them via email with a Zoom meeting link.

    What kinds of things can a student get help with?

    • We can help you study for an upcoming test or quiz
    • We can help review a new concept introduced in class
    • We can help you make a timeline to plan out a project
    • We can help make sure you are understanding teacher instructions correctly
    • We can help with reading comprehension by reading an assigned book or text out loud to you and discussing it

    Who will be the VARC tutors and how will they know how to help?

    VARC tutors will usually be Berkshire teachers and staff.  They may also be high school National Honor Society students. VARC tutors will do their best to work with the student’s teachers for information to help them best support the student.

    Will VARC be individual tutoring or small group?

    VARC support might be 1:1 or small group. If a group of students need help studying for the same test, we will group them together and assign them to the same tutor.

    Where can I go if I have additional questions?

    If you have any questions, you can email Julie LaBurn, Assistant Principal OR Pam Lucken, CSO