Strategic Planning 2021 Task Force Begins!

  • The district is excited to share important information about our strategic plan development and the wide range of stakeholders that will participate in the process. As the Superintendent and Chief Learner, Dr. Roberson will be working collaboratively with stakeholders to evolve our district’s strategy so that all students experience Birmingham Public Schools in a way that allows them to reach their greatest potential academically and socially-emotionally. To accomplish this, we will engage in the strategic planning process through five phases:  

    1. Process Design- Develop a process and timeline 
    2. Community Engagement- Solicit a wide range of stakeholders to participate in committees, facilitate focus groups, administer community wide survey
    3. Learning Phase- Analzye data 
    4. Strategic Plan Design Phase- Author foundational statements, core values, priorities and action plan
    5. Communication Plan- Share strategic plan with community  

    This process will be inclusive and involve input from all stakeholders.  Working with Hanover Research Group we will facilitate two, parallel conversations between a Core Design Team and a Advisory Committee.  Further, there will be a Review Committee that will review and provide feedback on all draft documents before they are finalized. These three groups make up the BPS Strategic Plan Taskforce.  Below is a description of each group and their primary purpose.

    Core Design Team: This team will consist of key decision-makers responsible for planning the design of the district plan process. This group will finalize recommendations from the Advisory Committee, incorporate feedback from the Review Committee, and author the action plan designed to achieve the strategic plan goals.   

    Advisory Committee: This group is comprised of 29 key stakeholds such as, school administrators, teachers, parents, community members and affinety groups.  The committee will work together to draft and recommend key foundation statements, district priorities, core values, goals, and action steps. 

    Review Committee: This group is comprised of 29 key stakeholds such as, school administrators, teachers, parents, community members and affinety groups.  The committee will work together to review draft documents produced by the Advisory Committee and recommend revisions and enhancements to the Core Design Team.  

Community Engagement & Learning Phase

  • Advisory Committee

  • Review Committee

  • Focus Groups

  • Strategic Plan Diagnostic Survey

Strategic Plan Design Phase

  • Advisory Committee Workshop 1

    Posted by April Imperio on 1/11/2022 12:55:00 AM


    On January 5, 2022 between 5 and 8 PM there was a buzz at the Education Administration Building as over 30 key stakeholders gathered to begin the exciting work of strategic planning for Birmingham Public Schools.  Our partners, Hanover Research along with our Superintendent, Dr. Roberson planned a robust evening of collaboration focused around four essential questions: 

    1. What steps and actions are indispensable to successful strategic planning? How can Birmingham Public Schools ensure it completes these steps with fidelity?
    2. How does the district’s standing vision and mission for education drive iterative cycles of strategic planning? How are strategic goals derived from and built upon vision and mission statements?
    3. Which environmental and contextual factors will impact Birmingham’s strategic planning process the most?
    4. How should each stakeholder group be involved in the strategic planning process? How, and when, should the district communicate and invite contributions and feedback?

    Participants were oriented to the stages of the process and their specific role as the advisory committee. After breaking into small groups, the committee reflected on previous strategic planning practices, considered potential core values and dissected current vision and mission statements while learning how to develop and re-develop the mission and vision for BPS.  The collaborative time together ended with "homework" assignments for the committee that included:

    1. Core Values - Confirm and define initial top 5 Focus Values. 
    2. What is our Vision? – Craft a draft Vision Statement. 
    3. Create a roadmap for how we will reach our Vision – this will serve as our draft Mission.

    At this time the committee is working diligently on their homework, which will be completed before the next consultation with Hanover Research and the Core District Leadership team.  Stay tuned for continued updates as we move through the strategic planning process as a community!

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