• Derby Middle School continues to be an outstanding educational experience for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Our goal is to develop confident, compassionate, intellectually curious young people who are well prepared to excel throughout their high school years and beyond. Through a menu of challenging academics and diverse electives, Derby provides opportunities for students to grow and stretch in new directions. 

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Academic Programs

  • Character Education

    National School of Character status has been earned at Derby Middle School through hard work by our students and staff. A new character treat is presented to students each month. Twice a week, the character of the month trait is highlighted and practiced through fun games, activities, and videos in the students' advisor/advisee (A2) classrooms. Character traits are Community, Respect, Gratitude, Empathy, Perseverance, Courage, Open-Minded, Integrity, Self-Control, and Wisdom.

    Career Focus Education - Education Development Plan

    An Education Development Plan (EDP) is an opportunity for students to learn about themselves, understand career pathway options, and explore post-secondary education and training. It allows students to think about the courses they may want to take in middle school and high school based on possible future careers. The EDP is a learning and planning process. It is a document that students review and update every year. It should identify a student's possible career pathway and goals for achieving success, as well as the level of educational preparation that will be needed to meet their career goals.

Academic Support

  • Dragon's Den (Lunch Homework Help)

    Does your child need assistance completing an assignment or a person to review with before a test? Tell them to stop by the Dragon's Den! The Dragon's Den provides a place for students to work with a staff member that will help them with assignments. We meet in Ms. Spennachio's classroom during lunch/rec. Contact: Rebecca Spennachio

    B2 (After-School Support)

    B2 is an after-school program designed to assist students with content knowledge, homework, assignments, organization, etc. Ideal candidates are students who would benefit from structured time dedicated to completing assignments and homework and who have a desire to improve their grades. Adult support will be available through our Bteachers to assist students with their work as well as NJHS tutors. Students are recommended by either a counselor or a teacher. Bis every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in room 204 from 3:20-4:20 PM.

    BPS Saturday School

    BPS Saturday School takes place every Saturday (excluding holidays and breaks) throughout the school year. Saturday School is normally hosted in the media center at Berkshire Middle School, but we are now operating virtually through Zoom from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.  All K-12 Birmingham Public School students and parents are welcome to join. Learn more here.