Fantasy Role Playing Games Online

  • Are you a Harry Potter fan? Ever hear of the Lord of the Rings? How about the game called Dungeons and Dragons? Fantasy role-playing games allow players to create imaginary heroes that go on adventures in a fantastical medieval setting where they fight evil sorcerers and wicked dragons! We will be enjoying weekly game sessions using a simplified version of Dungeons and Dragons just for beginners. Other games played at the club include Settlers of Katan, Magic the Gathering Card Game, Ticket to Ride, Avalon, Werewolf, Zombicide, Exploding Kittens, Dark Castle, Lord of Waterdeep and/or Castle Panic. Or bring your own game! Students build social, math, and problem-solving skills while cultivating their imaginations and making friends. 

    Grades: 6-8

    Days: Wednesdays 3:20-5:20 PM

    Room: 205

    Sponsor: Mr. Chappell, Derby teacher

    Cost: $25