• This is a great opportunity to learn how to play chess and/or become better in it while having fun, too! Did you know that Chess has been shown to improve academic skills, assist in critical thinking, focusing, and long-term planning? Chess also teaches good sportsmanship, enhances social skills and self-esteem, and it's an international language. The benefits derived from the knowledge of chess increase one’s ability to meet, greet, mingle and communicate with people all around the world, even when one doesn’t speak a word of the other language! You will learn chess history, chess etiquette, openings, middle game, and strategies all the way to the endgame!

    Grades:  6-8                                

    Sponsor:  Mandell Chess Club (

    Room:  218                                                          

    Days: Wednesdays 3:20-4:20 P.M.

    Dates:4/5/2023- 5/31/2023  

    Cost:  $158.00 (includes a reference book) or $154.00 (if you already have the reference book)