Birmingham Pack of Pups
  • Resident Therapy Dogs of BPS

    Established in the fall of 2021, the Resident Therapy Dogs of BPS provides daily service for students and staff, supporting in the areas of social emotions and learning needs of individuals within the district's educational community. 

    The program started with donations from the Rotary Club of Birmingham and DFCU Financial, followed by additional funding from Eagles for Children and Oakland County Mental Health grants. A non-profit organization in Brighton partners with BPS to certify 10 facility-trained therapy dogs.

    Resident therapy dogs are owned by the district but placed in the care of a school official who serves as a primary handler. Most of the care and maintenance for the dogs comes from fundraising and donations received throughout the life of the dog. 

    Program Liaison

    Amy Palmer has served as the program's liaison since December of 2022. The liaison helps build resources, collaborate with primary handlers and organize sponsorships.

    For additional information, please contact:

    Amy Palmer


  • District Sponsors

    District Sponsors