“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”



    Seaholm's English Department believes its responsibility to be twofold.

    The program guides students through an integrated curriculum of reading and writing.  The reading program features diverse and challenging texts from classic and contemporary literature, which compel students to explore, evaluate, and respond to universal ideas.  Students are encouraged to read closely, think critically, and write analytically.  The writing program develops students’ skills from basic grammar and composition to logical, textually-supported meaningful essays.  The Department also recognizes the importance of oral communication and creative expression, the study of which serves to enrich the students’ perspective.

    Moreover, the English Department is committed to the formation of good character and the development of empathy in its students through its content and conversations. The study of literature involves the exploration of what it means to be human; it forces us to grapple with life’s essential questions. This can be, at once, exhilarating and frustrating.  The Department strives to help students not only understand themselves but one another; to see not only the particular but also the universal, which ties all human beings together.  It is a beautiful thing indeed that through a fictional world we begin to make sense of reality; that through the particular we begin to understand the universal; and that through the other we come to know ourselves. 




    Summer Reading Assignments 2019 

    English 9/Honors English 9


    English 10


    Honors English 10


    English 11 


    AP English Language & Composition 


    English 12A Future Studies


    English 12A Heroes and Humanities 


    English 12A Social Justice 


    AP English Literature & Composition


    Flex Summer Reading Assignment