• Welcome to the Social Studies Department at Groves High School
    The social studies program consists of the integrated study of the social sciences to prepare our students for responsible citizenship in an increasingly global society. The social studies are essential to individual growth in a democratic society. Initially, disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge is used to understand powerful ideas drawn from history, law, geography, government, economics, psychology and sociology. When the students construct meaning by understanding important ideas, their perspectives as responsible citizens grow.
    Critical thinking skills for lifelong involvement in public affairs are improved through the social studies. Students use social science methods, aided by appropriate technologies, to gather, interpret and analyze information. They engage in civic discourse through improved oral and written expression. Alternative viewpoints are evaluated and weighed, individually and collectively, when making decisions about public policies and other issues. Understanding and respect for important, shared values of democratic society are developed through the social studies.
    Please visit the links provided to explore the scope and sequence of the vast curriculum within the Social Studies Department, the recommended trajectories, and the National Curriculum Standards.
    For further questions and concerns, please contact Laura Sheckell, Social Studies Department Chair