Jill Ghiardi-Coignet, Principal
  • Welcome to Quarton Elementary School where our mission is to Ensure Learning for All. The Quarton School Community is committed to the development of lifelong learners who will become independent responsible citizens. This school community exhibits respect for our learning population with developmentally appropriate academic expectations. We provide a nurturing and respectful environment where all students can grow into reflective and inquisitive learners. Our mission is achieved through the cooperative efforts of families, community members and school personnel.
    Quarton School is the result of a combination of strong academic curriculum and extracurricular opportunities, community involvement, exceptionally qualified professional staff, and support services to help your child succeed. This combination and other unique attributes are why Quarton’s reputation as a fabulous neighborhood school exists.
    While attending Quarton, your children have the opportunity to explore a variety of interests, further develop talents or pursue leadership and community service opportunities. One of the truly fortunate aspects of Quarton is that we have a generous, active, involved and caring PTA (Parent Teacher Association), which provides numerous enrichment opportunities for our students at Quarton. Our parents volunteer countless hours of their time to work in classrooms, participate in field trips, attend school functions, and help in many other ways! In addition, the PTA donations further enhance our students’ educational experience.
    The following is a quote that sums up our Quarton Community:
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing which ever has.”
    ~Margaret Mead, anthropologist
    We at Quarton Elementary believe that we are that small group of thoughtful, committed citizens and invite you to visit our very special and unique learning community. Please contact the office to set up a tour to visit all that we have to offer.