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  • Quarton PTA

    The Quarton PTA is a strong organization that is made up of Quarton parents and staff. In conjunction with the school, this organization helps support the many opportunities that exist for the Quarton students.

    Below are examples of some of the programs we run and support.

    Quarton Cares - a K-5 community outreach program designed to educate and better connect Quarton students with the metropolitan community. Using the curriculum that is in place, students at each grade level, focus on a particular need in the community and also work together on several school-wide activities. Quarton Cares encompasses projects and activities that target children, seniors, animals, the environment, etc. throughout the year. The goal is to build character, create stronger individual self-esteem and cultivate a connection with the community.

    Big Mac Teacher Grant Program - Quarton Teachers are encouraged to write a grant for educational supplies, above and beyond what is provided for them by the Birmingham School District. The money for these grants is the surplus funds from the previous year's PTA budget. The Big MAC (Money Allocation Committee) met in early December to review the grants and provide monetary assistance. As an example, in 2018/19 a PTA Big Mac grant in conjunction with the BEF (Birmingham Education Fund) was awarded to Mrs Olmstead to fund an exciting new virtual reality system for the Media Centre.


PTA Meetings

  • Upcoming General Meeting:
    Thanks for a great year! We've wrapped up the PTA meeting schedule for this school year. The schedule for 2019/20 year will be posted soon.

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