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    Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

    The following are guidelines that include a range of social, academic and
    developmental factors to consider in Kindergarten Readiness:

    Enthusiastic and curious toward learning- Eager to explore and discover, comfortable asking questions, persists even when task is difficult

    Desire to be independent- Can be separated from parents for the school day, take responsibility for person belongings, uses bathroom by self

    Ability to interact with children and adults- Able or learning to share, take turns and problem-solving utilizing appropriate emotional responses

    Strong fine-motor skills- Able to hold and use a pencil, cut with scissors, learning to print first name

    Language skills- Communicates needs and expresses feelings appropriately

    Ability to listen- Follows two-step instructions, listens to story without interrupting

    Basic letter and number awareness- Sings or recites the alphabet, recognizes most letters, numbers and counts items up to 10.

    If you choose to sign the Kindergarten Waiver for your child, please set up an appointment to meet with your building principal, in order to obtain the principal's signature.