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    Mrs. Stacy Brooks, LLPC
    Derby Middle School
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    FAQ's about Career Focus Education

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    What is Career Focus Education (CFE)?
          Career Focus Education explores Pathways in Education which is a process the ensures all students will have the opportunity to explore and create personal and educational goals, as well as, make critical decisions as to the courses they willl take during their high school years. Currently Michigan has identified Six Career Pathways which are broad course/career groupings that are similar characterisitics and whose requirements call for common interests, strengths, and competencies.

     Job Shadow Parent Information
    Sample Interview Questions
    Employer Evaluation Form for Job Shadow Experience
    ACT Explore
    How to Upload a File to Career Cruising

    Students complete the following assessments during eighth grade:

    ·         ACT Explore

    ·         Kaleidoscope

    ·         Career Matchmaker

    ·         Learning Styles

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    When do students begin CFE?
    As your 8th graders prepare to transition to 9th grade, we would like to update you on some of the dynamic activities your child participated in with regard to planning for the future. The State of Michigan mandates that students have an opportunity to start their educational development plan
    (EDP) in 7th grade, and updated annually from 8th grade through 12th grade. 
    What is an EDP?
    An EDP is a living document that chronicles the student’s career development: self-awareness, career awareness and exploration, planning, decision-making and documentation. This includes learning about their strengths, interests, values, learning style, skills, etc.
    What does the program consist of at Derby Middle School?
    The overall program at Derby Middle School is designed for students to build knowledge of self, and understand the importance of personal interests and skills as they engage in the continuous process of making wise educational and career choices. Students use an interactive, online software program called Career Cruising, which is provided by Oakland Schools.