• Your Educational Development Plan (EDP)

    Career Cruising 

     What is an EDP?  In short, it is your roadmap to success!

    • Think of your EDP as a career and educational online filing cabinet!
    • All students throughout Oakland County complete standards each year that are specific to their grade level.
    • Students have access to their EDP and Career Cruising tools for five years after they graduate.
    • Career Cruising can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, including smartphones.
    • Career Cruising offers extensive information on scholarships and financial aid. Thou$ands of scholarships are available!


    EDP’s are created in 7th grade and revised annually throughout 12th grade!

    Each student must have 100% of the Evidence Standards completed each year!

    Summary of Career Cruising Features

    • Career Matchmaker – interest assessment tool. Each student must complete 39 questions.  There are up to 116 questions.  The more you do, the more accurate your career match.
    • Explore Careers – gives you several ways to search for careers.
    • Explore Education and Training – provides comprehensive college, university, and vocational school information to help you plan your education and training.
    • EDP Tool – allows you to keep track of all of your career exploration activities. You can bookmark careers, create a personalized high school plan, document your work and activities, and build a customized resume.

    7th grade Evidence Standards

    • Learning Styles Inventory
    • Hobbies & Interests

    Opportunity Blvd


    8th grade Evidence Standards

    • Career Matchmaker
    • My Saved Pathway
    • Career & Life Goals
    • My Education Plan   (for 9th grade)


    “People with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them can ever imagine.”               



    It is strongly recommended that you visit the site frequently, update your selections, and discuss the results with your family.


    High School Evidence Standards

    In high school, you will be directed to review various areas and continue with your EDP.  Additional activities include My Skills, My Saved Careers, Post-Secondary Plan, and a Course Plan for each year. 

    Career Cruising is a great tool for a personalized high school education plan, maintain a diary of our thoughts on career and life goals, document your work and volunteer experience, skills, abilities, extracurricular activities, and hobbies, AND build a customized resume!

     Career Tree

    Career Cruising Website

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