The Pierce Elementary Enrichment Program gives ALL students opportunities for accelerated progress and access to new, more challenging concepts outside of the traditional school day.

    Accelerated Reader

    Students can participate in Accelerated Reader beginning in 2nd grade! This program gives students opportunities to read, comprehend, and work towards reading goals! And the end of the year is celebrated with a fun activity for those who made their Bounce Goal!


    Battle of the Books

    Grades 4 & 5

    This is an annual district wide reading challenge for fourth and fifth grade students. Ten books are selected and students who read and pass an accelerated reader test for at least six of the ten books join their classmates for an epic literary battle. Teams created with fourth and fifth grade students meet on the day of the Battle to answer challenge and trivia questions about books. The team that answers the most questions correctly is the champion. The program starts with a book launch in November of the school year and culminates with the Battle in February.


    Lego League

    Grades: 4-5

    FIRST® LEGO® League guides youth through STEM learning and exploration at an early age. From Discover, to Explore, and then to Challenge, students will understand the basics of STEM and apply their skills in an exciting competition while building habits of learning, confidence, and teamwork skills along the way. 


    Math Pentathlon

    Grades: K-1, 2-3, & 4-5
    MP is a program of interactive problem-solving games, supportive curricular and instructional activities, and assessment tools for students grades K-5. This motivational program strengthens basic math concepts and skills, aligns with National and State Mathematics Standards, and stimulates creative thinking while developing problem-solving skills. A focus on conceptual understanding and the integration of spatial, computational and logical reasoning are key attributes of Math Pentathlon. By using specially designed games and activities that differentiate instruction, all students are motivated to enjoy math!


    Science Olympiad

    Grades: 4-5

    Science Olympiad is a national nonprofit organization designed to increase student interest in science and to provide recognition for student achievement in these events. The Science Olympiad tournaments are academic inter-scholastic competitions consisting of twelve individual and team events for which students prepare during the school year. The format of the competition follows popular board games, television shows and athletic games. These challenging areas are well balanced between various science areas.