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    Norman Hurns

    Norman Hurns

    Counseling Department Chair, Counselor for Various Students



    Education: Mr. Hurns holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and a minor in History from Xavier University, a Master of Education in Social Studies from Walsh University, and a Master of Arts degree in School Counseling from the University of Detroit Mercy.

    Philosophy: Mr. Hurns believes School Counselors most provide counseling through preventive and intervention efforts, advocate for diversity and equity in education, and utilize diverse and multicultural perspectives to help students.

    Mr. Hurns' favorite thing about Groves is the variety of academic pathways and activities that students can choose from to develop academically, vocationally and personally.


    Sharon Adams

    School Counselor (Last Names S - Z)

    Mrs. Adams' Bitmoji Classroom: Click Here



    Education: Mrs. Adams holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Michigan State University and a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling with a specialization in School Counseling from Oakland University.

    Philosophy: Mrs. Adams believes that every student can be successful given the right tools. She believes her job is to help students learn and use those tools.

    Mrs. Adams’ favorite thing about Groves is building relationships with Groves' students and staff.


    Rob Oden

    School Counselor (Last Names L - R)



    Education: Mr. Oden completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he majored in Kinesiology while dually enrolled in the School of Education with a minor in Mathematics. Mr. Oden's graduate work was completed at the University of Detroit Mercy where he earned a Master of Arts in School Counseling and a Certification in Educational Leadership (Administration) from the Michigan Education of Secondary School Principals (MASSP).  

    Philosophy: Mr. Oden believes that through strategic decision-making, any student can cultivate the life that they want to live. The life that you want is on the other side of Mr. Oden's favorite mantras - "Put yourself in a position to win!" (make good decisions), surround yourself with others that will "Be an asset" (support and build you up) and help you "Connect the dots'' (provide you with resources, guidance, and knowledge). Mr. Oden is always teaching, instilling, and modeling these 3 mantras for his students.  

    Mr. Oden’s favorite thing about Groves is the organization, resources, and opportunities offered to the students, staff and parents.  


    Amanda Gohl

    School Counselor (Last Names A - D)



    Education: Mrs. Gohl holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts degree in School Counseling from University of Detroit Mercy. 

    Philosophy: Mrs. Gohl believes that all students should be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness, always. Success comes in many different forms and no matter what obstacles may come, Mrs. Gohl truly believes that all students can be successful and will continue to advocate and support her students throughout their journey. 

    Mrs. Gohl’s favorite thing about Groves is how welcoming and kind the staff, students, and community are.

      Lilianne Kowalchuk

    Lilianne Kowalchuk

    School Counselor (Last Names E - K)



    Education: Mrs. Kowalchuk holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Sociology from Michigan State University, a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University, and a Master of Arts degree in School Counseling from Wayne State University.

    Philosophy: Mrs. Kowalchuk believes in helping students maximize their success and happiness within their social and educational context.

    Mrs. Kowalchuk’s favorite thing about Groves is the growth of students!


    Gregorio Cognetto 

    Wellness Counselor  



    Mr. Cognetto's Website: Wellness @ Groves

    Education: Mr. Cognetto earned an associates degree in general studies from Grand Rapids Community College, a bachelor's degree in sociology with a social psychology concentration from Western Michigan University and a masters degree in school and mental health counseling from Oakland University.

    Counseling Philosophy: Mr. Cognetto takes a mindfulness based holistic approach while supporting others with their development and challenges.

    Favorite thing about Groves: The people. Everyone seems to be kind hearted and welcoming! 

    Jennifer Kondak

    Jennifer Kondak

    College and Career Specialist

    Mrs. Kondak's Website: https://www.birmingham.k12.mi.us/domain/588



    Education: Mrs. Kondak holds a Bachelor of Arts from Alma College and is a Certified Career Development Facilitator – CCSP.

    Philosophy: Mrs. Kondkak is an educator first and she acts as one of the many lights on a student’s pathway to self-knowledge and growth. Mrs. Kondak’s goal is help students know their interests to make the best post-high school decisions possible.

    Mrs. Kondak’s favorite thing about Groves is our commitment to educating the individual student.

    Lisa Reeves

    Lisa Reeves

    Counseling Secretary



    Education: Mrs. Reeves holds an Associate's Degree in Secretarial and Business Administration from South East Essex College of Arts and Technology.

    Philosophy: Mrs. Reeves believes that team counseling and putting the needs of the students first is what makes us successful.

    Mrs. Reeves’ favorite thing about Groves is that the staff and students rock!

    Julie Hourdakis

    Julie Hourdakis




    Education: Mrs. Hourdakis holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of South Florida.

    Mrs. Hourdakis’ favorite thing about Groves is the atmosphere and the wonderful staff!


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