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    Overview of Groves Service Requirement:
    Students are required to complete 10 hours of service during the trimester that they take Health class (usually junior or senior year). Additional hours are also required for membership in the National Honor Society, and service projects are often supported through classrooms, teams, and other school groups. All of this involvement helps develop you as a community steward and increases your appeal to NHS, scholarship boards, leadership opportunities, employers, future colleges, and more! Extensive service also makes you eligible for the President's Volunteer Service Award.
    Founder Dani Lutz & Darin Wilcox, Groves AP Do you have formal dresses hanging in your closet? Donate them to . This charity, run by Groves Student Dani Lutz, collects formal dresses in all sizes that are in good condition and gives them away for Prom Season.  As you clean closets, remember this great charity! See their website for more information.       

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    The President's Volunteer Service award is given to Student and Adults with demonstrated commitment to Commuity Service and shines as an example to inspire others to engage in volunteer service. This award recognizes individuals that have achieved a certain number of hours served over a 12-month period. Any student in grades 9-12 who has made a significant impact in meeting the needs of their community by completing over 100 hours of service may apply for this award. Award recipients receive a certificate and an award pin. the Award year is April to March 31, 2019; for hours to be counted by must fall between April 1, 2018 - March 30, 2019.
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    Seniors will be presented with their awards at Honors Convocation; all others will give presented during the school day by Dr. Thompson.
     2017-2018 Recipients:
    Stephanie Green, class of 2018 - Gold Award
    Landon Harris, class of 2021 - Silver Award
    Benjamin Iverson, class of 2019 - Bronze Award
    Charlise Keck, class of 2020 - Gold Award
    Derrick Lockhard, class of 2018 - Bronze Award
    Tania Miller, class of 2019 - Bronze Award
    Hadley Moak, class of 2018 - Gold Award
    Lauren Palmer, class of 2018- Bronze Award
    Halle Randolph, class of 2020 - Gold Award
    Skye Taylor, class of 2018 - Bronze Award
    Samuel Zack, class of 2018 - Silver Award
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    2018-19 Meetings

     November 27

    December 11

    December 18 (Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams, meet at Beaumont)

    January 8

    January 29 - (Arden) 

    MONDAY February 11 - ARDEN Ct. visit (rescheduled because of weather)

    February 26

    March 5

    March 26 - (Arden) 

    April 23 (Arden) 

    May 7

    May 21


    2018-19 Officers
    Elana Bittker
    Aria Oleshansky
    Service projects:
    Meryl Feys
    Henry Wilms
    Communications and Membership
    Kylee Haddad
    Samantha Mantua
    Bella Ciagne
    Greta Wilms
    Olivia Yates
    Emily Juriga
    Rotary Liaison: 
    Mr. Patrick Grady
    Groves HS, Class of 1973

    Please take a peek Birmingham’s Community Ed page for additional learning opportunities:

    For more information on things service-related, contact the
    Sara Molloy, Community Service Organizer at: