• Camesha

    I believe that all students can succeed in this class. You should work to the best of your ability. I will work to the best of mine to ensure that you do. Mutual respect is the foundation of a cooperative and productive relationship, thus I will treat you with the dignity you deserve as a person, and I expect you do the same for others and me. I believe that a successful class functions as a community of learners who must share ideas, experiences, and suggestions to make this an exciting, challenging, and rewarding learning environment.

    I understand that you have other responsibilities and commitments outside this class. If you approach me with respect about a real concern, I will listen and then we will negotiate a fair resolution. I care about the individuals I teach and am willing to talk to you about concerns or suggestions you have in regards to this class.
    I teach World History and African American History at Groves. 
    My curriculum can be found on: www.schoology.com

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