Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Olszewski

Social Studies Teacher at Seaholm High School

About Me:

I have been teaching at Seaholm High School since 2011 and have taught a number of Social Studies courses in my time here.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University with double majors in History and Social Studies and my Masters in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College of Detroit.  

My Classes:

World History: I have taught World History since I started at Seaholm in 2011 and am very passionate about the program.  I love the curriculum and truly enjoy getting to know students in their first year as high schoolers.  Throughout two trimesters of this course, we cover major topics in World History both chronologically and thematically starting with our earliest civilizations and moving all the way through the modern age.  We emphasize not just content, but also the skills a good historian needs to be successful through in depth research and argumentative writing.


US History:  Along with World History, US History was one of the first classes I taught at Seaholm when I began here in 2011.  I have a particular interest in American History and enjoy the opportunity we have to find a little more depth as we explore our nation's past.  This is also a two-trimester course which covers American History from Reconstruction to the present.  Students will work with both primary and secondary sources as we explore the information in a variety of different ways.  

APUSH: I entered the AP US History program at Seaholm in 2014 and have found the experience to be very rewarding.  I enjoy the rigor and the content and like to watch my Sophomores challenge themselves with a college level course.  AP US History covers American History from the Pre-Columbian era through the early 2000s.  We also practice the reading and writing skills necessary to prepare for the College Board Advanced Placement exam in May.  Students who are successful on this exam can earn credit for college level American History courses at many colleges and universities nationwide.


  • **A note on a summer assignment for 2020:  Typically APUSH and AP Euro both include a summer assignment.  With the strange ending to the 2019-2020 school year and the challenges of accessing materials, i will NOT be assigning a summer assignment this year.  We will instead make up some time next year by "flipping" a few lectures (I will record some lectures for some of the less critical middling chapters for you to watch at home).**