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    Business Technology 
    If you enjoy learning in a project based environment and want to prepare for a high skill, high wage and high demand career, explore and prepare for your future by taking Business Technology courses. You can choose from a variety of courses in computers, business, finance, management, marketing, law, and investments. Choose from an ever-changing, up-to-date menu of courses to meet your needs and interests. All department faculty members hold a master’s degree and had business careers in the fields they teach.
    Business Technology courses fulfill general education and practical arts requirements. Students can also take advantage of the CTE Capstone Internship (Co-Op) Program, which gives the student the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience while earning cash and credits toward graduation. Students will learn skills they will need and use in high school, college and careers.
    Programs are continually updated to provide the skills and expertise needed for high demand and high wage careers. Within each program, students are taught the skills to be creative problem solvers in today’s competitive and global marketplace.
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