• Juniors ~ Welcome to  AP Language and Composition B!
    My name is Sharan Nayak and I have been teaching English at Seaholm, or rather "Seahome," since 2000.  My classroom and the B Hall have been part of my everyday routine and so much so, that I feel at home when I switch on the lights to my classroom and settle into my nook near my desk.  I have taught everything from English 9 to American Lit and from World Writers (when it existed) to AP Language and Composition.  So, you will be in good hands!
    Right about now, you may be in total disbelief wondering how the last two trimesters of your junior year flew by so fast.  I'm doing the same.  We are a few short weeks away from the AP testing time, and need to continually prepare for the requirements and rigor of the exam.  Don't worry...I'll get you there!
    The goal of the exam is to follow the rubric outlined by AP Central and to develop and compose an outstanding claim, built with evidence and reasoning.  We have been working on these three components since the first day of school, and will continue to do so until you leave Seaholm during your senior year. 
    Just remember this:
    My goal is to work with you to create the best learning environment possible and to help you grow as a student and a writer.
    Will the class be challenging?  Yes.  Will there be a significant amount of work?  Most definitely.  Will you roll your eyes at me and complain about the essays?  Of course!
    Will this class shape your ability to confidently read and write arguments because you will need it for the rest of your life?  You can count on it. 
    We will take the final trimester day by day if we have to so that no one feels overwhelmed.  Remember that I am here to help you..." Help" is the key word and never feel embarrassed to ask for it! 
    Hopefully, that pinch did not hurt and you have come to the realization that you are a junior, and you are about to start your final trimester this year.
    Now, think positive and let's get to work!