• Juniors ~ Welcome to  AP Language and Composition A!
    Right about now, you may be pinching yourself in disbelief as to how quickly the summer months flew by, as well as the past two years of high school.  
    Here you are:  a JUNIOR in high school.  The year where ACT/SAT scores count, where you are feeling the pressure of visiting colleges, where you feel like the world is caving in on you because you are in the spotlight ~ so to speak.
    YES, all of this is true.  But, remember that you are only human and that mistakes will happen.  Stress will be a word in your vocabulary.  And, you will feel overwhelmed at time.  ~ All of this is natural, normal and you will be ready for it!
    Let me tell you right now:  "everything will be ok."  ~ I promise.
    My name is Sharan Nayak and I have been teaching English at Seaholm, or rather "Seahome," since 2000.  My classroom and the B Hall have been part of my every day routine and so much so, that I feel at home when I switch on the lights to my classroom and settle into my nook near my desk.  I have taught everything from English Team to American Lit and from World Writers (when it existed) to AP Language and Composition.  ~ So, you will be in good hands!
    My goal is to work with you to create the best learning environment possible and to help you grow as a student.
    Will the class be challenging?  Yes.  Will there be a significant amount of work?  Most definitely.  Will you roll your eyes at me and complain about the essays?  Of course!
    However,  will this class shape your ability to confidently read and write arguments because you will need it for the rest of your life?  You can count on it. 
    We will take the trimester day by day if we have to so that no one feels overwhelmed.  Remember that I am here to help you..."help" is the key word and never feel embarrassed to ask for it! 
    Hopefully, that pinch did not hurt and you have come to the realization that you are a junior, you are about to start another school year and you are going to be successful.  
    Now, think positive and let's get to work!