• Club News
    Here at Berkshire we encourage students to get involved, meet new students and try new things.  We hope that you child will take advantage of these opportunities and participate in a club or two! Check back often as new clubs become available!
    2020-21 Clubs and Activities

    Adventure Club
    Open to 7th/8th graders, Adventure Club is a lunch group that enjoys Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering amongst other activities.
    Club Leader: Mr. Jackson
    Location: Room 122
    Day and Time: Monday & Friday, during lunch and rec
    Be the Change Club
    Be the Change club is a group of 7th/8th graders (open to all grades) who meet once a week to plan and carry out service activities to improve our school community. This group evolved from a "Challenge day assembly" that takes place in 7th grade during the fall. Students are encourage to "Be the change they want to see in the world". They choose an "issue, group in our school, room in the building that needs improvement or appreciation and they carry out a plan. We meet weekly usually Monday morning at 7:30am. Open to changing day/times once all members meet for the first time. We strive to do at least one group -service project outside of school hours per semester. This school year we will have to be creative to do some virtual service if necessary.  
    Club Leader: Mrs. Jolokai
    Location: virtually to start
    Day and Time: Monday before school, at 7:30am
    Berkshire Pride Alliance (formerly GSA)
    The Berkshire Pride Alliance at Berkshire Middle School seeks to create greater awareness about the issues and unique experiences faced by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, plus community and allies of this community. We provide a safe and welcoming space for any student who wants to talk about issues related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. Everyone is welcome to come, regardless of identity. If a student is interested in joining Berkshire Pride Alliance there is no need to sign up. Just join any of our meetings each Tuesday during lunch (11:25-12:05). Meetings begin Tuesday, September 22, 2020. Every student is welcomed. For more information and the link to the meeting, please visit the Berkshire Pride Alliance website.
    Club Leader: Ms. Muhammad and Mrs. Rodriguez
    Club Location: virtually to start
    Day and Time: Tuesdays at lunch (11:25-12:05pm).
    Broadcast Team
    The Broadcast Team is responsible for our Daily Announcements and this year  is open to 6th,  7th and 8th grade students. The team meets at 11:30 on Tuesdays. You are divided into groups that have different responsibilities such as editing script, announcing, videotaping, checking the set, and editing the final production. We also work on creating informational videos to us as commercials during our broadcast. 6th,  7th and 8th grade students are responsible for the broadcast. 
    Club Leader: Mrs. Garbutt
    Location:  Virtual Meetings on Tuesday. 
    Day and Time: Daily at REC- Virtual meeitng weekly
    Chess Club
    Chess Club is a popular spot for our 6th graders during lunch. Should we be able to be face to face and have a school day that includes lunchtime, Mrs. Konen will get Chess Club up and running.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Konen
    Location: Room 111
    Day and Time: Fridays, during lunch and rec

    Coders Club
    This club is designed to introduce the basics of programming to participants in a fun and encouraging way. It gives the students an opportunity to practice what they learn in interesting and engaging activities and projects. Normally there would be fun tournaments at the end to test their knowledge and skills.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Jefferson
    virtually to start
    Day and Time: 
    email Mrs. Jefferson for more information
    Coders Club, and fill out this form to express interest and receive our zoom link
     Equestrian Club 
    The Berkshire Equestrian Club provides a place where equestrians can come together in their shared enthusiasm of horses and riding. 
    Equestrian Club members will spend time learning about horses, riding styles, horse maintenance, horse science, and horse-related activities and practices in order to expand and share their knowledge and love of all things horse-related. During our meetings, we will provide activities and discuss topics that will prepare us for a year end field trip to an actual riding stable where we will participate in a one day riding camp.  All students who have an interest in horses are welcomed, whether you already own your own horse, ride horses, or simply love horses and want to learn more about them,  Equestrian Club is a fun place to meet with peers who share a common interest in horses.  Equestrian Club will be begin meeting starting Thursday, November 19th during lunch and then meet Thursdays during lunch from 11:30-12:00.  Zoom Link- contact Mrs. Rodriguez
    Equestrian Club (7th/8th grade)
    Club Leader: Mrs. Rodriguez
    Location: Virtual Meetings
    Game Day
     Game Day is open to all students and our goal is to get connected with old and new friends, have fun, laugh and maybe win a prize.  We play all sorts of games, like Jeopardy, Music Trivia, Bingo, and more.  So if you want something fun to do, please join us on Wednesday during lunch time, from 11:50-12:40pm.   
    Club Leader: Mrs. Dittrich
    Club Location: Zoom
    Day and Time: Wednesdays, 11:50-12:40pm
    Garden Club
    Do you enjoy being outside? Hoping to find just a few Berkshire students who might like to come up to Berkshire and work in our gardens. We will plant fall bulbs, harvest and plant in our community garden, and enjoy the trails. Fill out this form if you might be interested in coming up to Berkshire in the afternoon, and the day you might be available to join other students. We will wear masks and maintain proper distance.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Lucken
    Club Location: Meet at the bus loop doors
    Day and Time: The first 3 Monday afternoons in October,3-4pm. Available to the first 5 students who sign up for each day.
    Green Club
    In Green Club, we work on projects to make our school and community more environmentally friendly. We’ve made things from upcycled materials, we’ve started campaigns like the food cart, we’ve helped recycling in the school. We’ve done some good learning about the environment also. We make sure to fulfill all the qualifying activities to be designated a Green School.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Lucken
    Club Location: virtually to start, via Zoom
    Day and Time: Tuesdays to start, 1-1:50pm. 
    Honors Orchestra
    The Berkshire Honors Orchestra is an advanced voluntary ensemble that meet outside of the school day. The goal is to give talented and hard-working enrolled orchestra students, from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, the additional opportunity to perform challenging literature together. The Berkshire Honors Orchestra will perform on both the Winter and Spring Orchestra Concerts. All minutes spent in Honors Orchestra rehearsals will count towards practice logs. 
    Club Leader: Mr. Shawver
    Location: virtually to start
    Day and Time: Thursday mornings 7-7:50am
    Website: Mr. Shawver's Berkshire Orchestra website
    Kahoot Club
    Every Tuesday, come eat lunch (via Zoom, of course) with Mrs. Schultz and get ready to play Kahoot! The Kahoot quizzes will range from sports to movies to academics and more! Due to Mrs. Schultz's schedule, this is only for 7th and 8th graders. No need to sign up-- just click on the Zoom link on Tuesdays at 11:25: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7737347686 We will start playing and having fun on Tuesday, 9/22! See you then!
    Club Leader: Mrs. Schultz
    Location: via Zoom
    Day and Time: Tuesdays at 11:25am (lunchtime)
    Meditation Club
    Meditaon Club meets with Mrs. Gambone on Wednesdays during lunch! All students are welcome to participate. Contact Mrs. Gambone for the Zoom Link.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Gambone
    Location: via Zoom
    Day and Time: Wednesdays
    Mentors Club
    Our stated mission is to connect with elementary students and help them with reading and math skills.
    Some things we do in this club:
    1. Reading Picture Books and filming our session… This will then be shared with young students as they practice independent reading on their own.
    2. Math Basic Skills…
    3. Saturday School Tutoring for lower elementary students (Saturdays from 8:55-11:00 AM)
    4. Connect with other 6, 7, and 8th grade students who love to connect with others...
    Club Leader: Mr. Stearns
    Location: via Zoom 11:30- 12:00
    Day and Time: Wednesdays
    Invitations for our 2020-21 NJHS have been sent via email. Please don't forget to fill out your applications - due 9/21 at 3:14pm.
    The National Junior Honor Society is an organization of intelligent and hard-working students who possess the five characteristics held in esteem by the Society: leadership, citizenship, scholarship, character, and service. Ultimately, students in NJHS are “the best of the best.” Throughout the year, NJHS students participate in activities that are representative of the five characteristics. Not only are students required to take part in these events, but they also are expected to share ideas and help in the planning process.
    Club Leaders: Mrs. Tucker 
    Website: NJHS

    Read it and Reap
    Read It and Reap focuses on getting together with our peers to practice phonemic awareness as a way to become more fluent readers. We use hands-on activities and games to improve and perfect this skill!
    Club Leader: Mrs. Sweeney
    Location: virtualy to start
    Day and Time: October-March, Tuesday and Thursday at 7:50am
    Robotics - Berkshire Hazards FTC
    Robotics club is a team of 6-8th graders that compete in the FTC Robotics competitions. Students use the process of engineering and design to build a robot that competes in an annual challenge that changes from year to year. Students in this club also develop their collaboration skills, computer programming, social media marketing, outreach, and fundraising skills in this dynamic team challenge. Our team's efforts culminate in a competition with other teams in the surrounding districts. If our teams advances we could compete with team from around the world!
    Robotics begins in September and continues minimally through early December. To sign up, please use this google form. Space on the team is limited and applications for joining the team will close on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020. Interviews for spots on the team will be conducted starting on September 20th, 2020.
    We compete with other FTC robotics teams in the area. We typically have 3-5 scrimmages and then our official qualifier to potentially advance to the regional matches.
    Club Leader: Mr. Goeman
    Location: Room 129
    Days and Times: Tuesday-Thursday 3:30-5:30pm
    School Musical
    Calling all students!  We need you! Come try out for this year’s Musical! Watch for more information on announcements in the near future! We look forward to seeing you at try-outs.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Priebe
    Location: Music Room (124)
    Time: After School January - May

    Sketching Club
    Join this virtual club to draw and sketch together.
    Club Leader: Mr. Stearns
    Location: via Zoom
    Time: 3:15 - 4:00 pm
    Show Choir
    Attention singers and dancers! The 2020 - 2021 Berkshire Show Choir is forming now and is open to any 7th or 8th grader who enjoys singing and dancing. Students do not need to be in choir class to participate. Show Choir typically sings a festive Broadway song as part of the Berkshire Choir Winter Concert in December and a few songs as part of the Spring Concert.This group will meet virtually at first and in-person when it is safe to do so. To audition for Show Choir, please email a 30-second video of yourself singing a Broadway song to Mrs. Priebe by September 30. You will receive an email confirmation of your membership by October 4 along with a detailed rehearsal schedule, electronic sheet music and zoom link. Rehearsals will occur once a week after school on Mondays and will start on October 5.  Please email Mrs. Priebe with any questions.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Priebe
    Location: virtually to start
    Date/Time: once a week after school on Mondays
    Tennis Club
    At Berkshire we have Girls Tennis in September and Boys Tennis in March. 
    Club Leader: Coach Nicholls
    Location: BCC
    Time: After School

    The yearbook club is responsible for creating the yearbook. Students will have the opportunity to practice basic photography, learn the interview process, layout and design, and distribution.
    As part of the yearbook staff, you will be undertaking a great responsibility.
    We are looking for students who are self-motivated, cooperative, and responsible. Students will need to be comfortable using computers. Creativity is a plus! This club will meet in the mornings and after school. Our schedule is flexible so you can pick what works best for you.
    Club Leader: Mrs. Garbutt
    Location: virtually
    Time: stay tuned for more information about how to participate
    Website: Yearbook Club website is being updated