Berkshire Media Center

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    Movie Madness during Lunch/rec starting now!

    Sign up now! See Ms. Jefferson

    Media Center Clubs will begin September 26th and October 3rd


    Thank you to BEF for providing us with three

    fantastic Author visits this school year!



    THE 2022 DISTRICT TOP BIRBERY BOOK IS..........                                            



    Congratulations to all our Birbery Quiz Bowl participants and our

    5 Berkshire Birbery Representatives who traveled to Baldwin Public Library

    in a Limo, Thursday, May 19th!

    The Program will run from January-May 9th 2023
    See 2023 Birbery menu option for important dates and details.

    Important dates:
    Week of January 18th                                                                                             
    Birbery Program is announced &
    Book checkout begins

    Check Birbery Schoology page for upcoming dates

    February 11th

    March 11th

    April  22nd - Last one. Sign up. Pizza Lunch.                                                                              

    May 9th
    Deadline for all reviews to be submitted: 8am.
    Qualifiers are announced at the end of the day!

    Quiz Bowls - May 12-13th

    Limo Trip to Baldwin Public Library - May 19th

    Ice Cream and Pizza Party - May 27th

     Stay safe and healthy in mind and body! 

    Berkshire Readers Keep Reading!