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  • We want your time in the Media Center to be an enjoyable and productive experience!
    All students are welcome to visit us in the morning, Noon Rec, during class time with a pass from your teacher, or after school.

    * Noon Rec (when available)
    **After school -(Tuesday- Thursday)weekly

    There are many resources available for you to complete your project successfully, just ask!  We look forward to working with you this year!
    Students must have their ID's to check-out items! 
     MONDAY 7:45 AM 3:14 PM 
     TUESDAY 7:45 AM 4:00 PM
     WEDNESDAY 7:45 AM 4:00 PM
     THURSDAY 7:45 AM 4:00 PM 
     FRIDAY 7:45 AM 3:14 PM
     AM - check availability