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    AP Environmental Science
    Advanced Placement Environmental Science is a three term course that focuses on how humans impact the balance of the earth’s natural systems. Students explore possible solutions to aid local and global environmental concerns. Course topics include: Environmental Law, Water/Air Resources and Pollution, Solid and Hazardous Waste, Population Dynamics, Energy Resources, and Agriculture Science. Successful completion of this course may enable students to earn college credit through the Advanced Placement Tests.

    Anatomy & Physiology
    Anatomy and Physiology course is designed to prepare students for college anatomy and physiology, as well as careers in the health sciences. Students will explore the human body using a body-systems approach. Students will interact with a variety of healthcare professionals and experience real-world anatomy and physiology applications. Extensive laboratory time is spent exploring the structure and function of tissues, bones, muscles, and organs. This class will consist of classroom, online, and off-site study. All students who sign up for the class will have the opportunity to complete additional coursework in order to have their credit labeled as Honors on their transcript

    Biology A     
    Biology B
    Biology is a required laboratory- and activity-based course in which students investigate the fundamentals of biology, including ecology, energy transformations, cells, genetics, and evolution.

    Honors Biology
    Honors Core Biology is an accelerated two-trimester inquiry based course designed for students planning to pursue further studies in life science at the college level. Laboratory studies will represent a large portion of the curriculum. Conceptual analyses of principles of biology and chemistry will be emphasized. Major areas of study will include (add ecology) biochemistry, energy transformation, cells (change to reflect cellular division instead of the idea of studying the cell and its structures), genetics, molecular biology of the gene, DNA technology and evolution. Successful completion of this class will prepare students for the rigors of both Advanced Placement and collegiate level biology.

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