Clubs and Activities

  • Getting involved in clubs and activities in high school is a wonderful opportunity for students to make new friends, develop skills such as commitment, leadership & teamwork and explore areas of interest. With our students learning remotely this fall, it is even more important to help them connect with each other. 

    Seaholm students have always had the opportunity to select from a wide variety of school activities. Academic Clubs, Arts (Fine Arts & Performing Arts), Community Service, and a variety of other Clubs are all options for our students. Seaholm has something for everyone!

    The Seaholm Student Activity Guide includes a descrpiton of the sports and activities offered at Seaholm this year.  Seaholm Student Activity Guide

    The Clubs & Activities Google Sheet includes a description of the clubs, contacts and some upcoming activities. This sheet is updated by the Club advisors. and includes some new clubs that started after the beginning of this school year.  Clubs & Activities Google Sheet