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The West Maple Alumni Scholarship was created and funded by West Maple staff to support the post-secondary education of our former students.  West Maple Elementary School offers a one-time grant of $500 to be used towards your post high school education.

Applicants must have attended West Maple Elementary School.  Please see the requirements here.  All application requirements must be delivered to West Maple's office no later than April 29, 2016.
Previous winners of the West Maple Alumni Scholarship
Sarah Fried, Cooper Peters-Wood, and Kai Selwa - 2015
Cheyenne Boinais and Ibrahim Saad - 2014 
Jacob Gordon - 2013
Jessica Turner - 2012
Tatiana Boinais - 2011
Nora Dagher - 2010
Josh Ketai - 2009
Alec Cohen - 2008
Evan Begun - 2007 
Mark Lewkowicz - 2006
David Jaques - 2005