• Falcon2Falcon

    Falcon2Falcon is an initiative designed to support members of the Groves High School Community. As a joint effort of Groves High School and the PTSA, Falcon2Falcon recognizes that families in our community face situations of personal and economic hardship. To help these families, Falcon2Falcon offers three avenues of support: community advocacy and resource support, limited financial support and volunteer services.

    If you are aware of a family in need that may benefit from services through Falcon2Falcon, please reach out and submit a referral. Each referral is kept confidential and is vetted through an established list of needs criteria. If you would like to donate to the cause or join the volunteer corps, we want to hear from you too! Referrals and volunteer profiles can be submitted through the links below. Individuals can also reach out to the following:
    • F2F Parent Committee: grovesfalcon2falcon@gmail.com

    Filling local needs in our community, Falcon2Falcon illustrates a commitment to care, to uphold the sense of community that makes Groves unique. Please, join us!