• Our mission:

    To be a community of learners which values each individual

    and fosters intellectual excellence, personal development,

    social responsibility and ethical standards.

    The Groves School Community believes:

    • in fostering a reverence for learning
    • in respect for and appreciation of human diversity
    • a school functions best as a community of learners
    • the acquisition of essential learning skills is necessary for intellectual growth
    • we learn best when our education includes a variety of experiences which provide depth, cohesion, and significance to our lives
    • creative thinking is necessary for progress in all areas of endeavor
    • we should be encouraged to make informed decisions about our physical, social, spiritual and emotional well-being
    • achievement requires high expectations and sustained commitment
    • we should participate responsibly within the framework of a democratic society
    • we are integrally connected to the global community, and
    • learning is a lifelong process