Contact Us

    Dr. Embekka Roberson 
    Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning and Inclusion
    Phone: (248) 203-3012

    Sara Cibor
    Curriculum Coordinator for Elementary Mathematics & Science

    William Pugh 
    Coordinator for Professional Learning and for Secondary ELA & Social Studies 
    Phone: (248) 203-3024

    Cyndi Settecerri 
    Curriculum Coordinator for Elementary ELA & Social Studies 

    Hallie Snyder 
    Coordinator for Career Focused Education 
    Phone: (248) 203-3606

    Michelle Tindall
    Coordinator for Instructional Techology & Design
    Phone: (248) 203-3618

    Stacey Summerhill 
    Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning and Inclusion 
    Phone: (248) 203-3011