Ms. Booth



Degrees and Certifications:

University of Michigan - Undergraduate Degree - Major: English, Minor: Psychology Michigan State University - Graduate Degree - Master of Educational Administration

Ms. Booth

Welcome to Forensics!

Semester-long Learning Target: To build a vibrant, confident, and supportive community through teamwork, growth mindset, and accountability whereby we increase our knowledge, improve our communication, and maybe win a few awards!

After graduating from the University of Michigan (go blue!), I was blessed to have started my teaching career at Berkshire Middle School in 2005. Since then I have taught a variety of courses and sponsored many clubs: Sixth-grade Language Arts, Forensics, Organized Arts and Enrichment, The Berkshire Musical, Glee Club, and SPARC. I am also the chairperson of our School Improvement Committee or Education Council and am an active member in our Character Education committee. And, though I am not necessarily an active member, I always look forward to our Ice-cream Social, PastaPalooza, Art Jam, and the Proud Dad's 5K race! Sometimes I will even step in as Assistant Principal for the Day when our APs are at a meeting.

As you can see, staying involved in school is not only important for students, it is important for teachers as well! Berkshire offers a variety of activities for students and staff - I encourage all of my students to get involved in their school extracurricular activities to optimize their learning opportunities! 


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Here are a few interesting facts about me that shape who I am:

*I admire my dad who passed away in 2008 but was a hard-working, family-loving, supportive, and humble Godly man

*I have an identical twin sister who works for Meadowlark Design and Build in Ann Arbor

*I have four-year old boy/girl twins at home - Hunter and Elin - and a two-year-old Westin

*I am most proud of the 50-mile trail race I ran with my twin sister last Fall sponsored by Dances with Dirt (such a mental feat!) and can't wait to run it again!

*In my downtime I love to play outside with my two Irish Setters - Piper and Dasher

*My husband went to Greenfield, Berkshire, and Groves (then MSU [Construction Management] and law school)

*I was a vegetarian for 22 years of my life. Now I don't know how I survived without bacon.

*Sometimes I wake up early just so that I can enjoy my morning coffee - Chai Lattes are a special treat!

*I'm a morning person

*I love good food (and, apparently, now meat as well)