January 2, 2020!

    Hello ECC Families!  


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! We had a great first day back to school! Even though the alarm this morning was a very unwelcome sound to my ears and body, I do enjoy getting back into my normal routine and I loved seeing our smiling faces back at school! Hopefully your kiddo felt the same! Looking ahead, please mark your calendar, as all BPS schools are closed on Monday, January 20, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


    We are hoping that a well-needed break from school helped with the germ count that we were experiencing in December. Please remember, if your child exhibits symptoms of illness to keep them home and consult a pediatrician if necessary. Unfortunately, travel over breaks can result in illness and lice can also be common, as you visit hotels and other shared spaces. 


    Holiday Donation Program

    On behalf of our entire staff, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our families for participating in our Holiday Staff gift program. All ECC staff received a generous gift card to Target the day before they left for break! Thank you for your well wishes and act of appreciation for all that they do. It means the world that you support their hard work! Thank you to the five moms who helped with the gift cards, too! We are incredibly blessed to be a part of a caring school community.


    ART SHOW-Mark your calendars now!

    We will be welcoming back our popular family event this year with a school-wide Art Show! Thank you to Calvin’s mom, Stacy Ker, who has volunteered to lead this great event! She will be soliciting the help of parents who indicated on their volunteer form that they are willing to help! This is a huge endeavor and great event for our school and not possible without a great working team of parent volunteers. The students will begin creating masterpieces soon! Each child will make individual pieces and each class will create community pieces as well! This is a Midvale favorite! We look forward to you joining us on Sunday, June 7, at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC). The time is still to be determined.


    Breakfast with a Buddy

    We had such fun at our buddy events in December! It was fun to see parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, nannies and more come to share in the fun! Children love to show off their school world and have a chance for some one on one time to spend in the classroom. Each classroom planned different meals- eggs, yogurt, cereal bar, muffins, pancakes, and French toast along with delicious side dishes. It was touching to see adults and children spending time together in meaningful activities that their child chose personally! I observed a lot of open-ended playing together, building with blocks, designing with Magna-tiles, creating art, reading books, and pretending in the dramatic play area. Thank you for taking a bit of time out of your day to spend with your child. We will invite you in again for an event in the spring!  


    Garden Work and Front Entrance

    Thank you to George’s grandma and family for all the hard work and planning to clean up our school garden, planting things we can pick and eat, and also decorate our east entrance with beautiful season-related plants. This has brightened our environment! If anyone is interested in helping with our west entrance, it could use a make-over as well! Please let me know!


    ***Break Weeks!!!!***  Please remember, students in the Duck classroom do not have school on break weeks.

    We still have limited openings to enroll for February and April breaks. Please check in our office first before going online to register if you are interested in having your child attend school. We are planning our staff needs and I want to make sure we can accommodate all that need these weeks at school. Charges for February break have been added to your School Care Works account and you’ve received a confirmation email from Ms. Nicole in the office. If you did not see the charges for February break on your most recent invoice, we do not have you on our list and have not planned for your child to be here. Charges for April break will be added to tuition due on March 1.


    Nature Tots & Wild Swan Theater

    We are excited to welcome back The Nature Tot program from the Belle Isle Zoo on January 15 for students in the Kangaroo, Owl and Raccoon classes! Families are invited to explore the outdoors and learn about concepts related to winter! Please look for specific times in your classroom newsletter. Also Wild Swan Theater will perform “Once Upon a Time” for preschool classrooms on January 30. If your child does not regularly attend on Thursdays, you are welcomed to accompany them to this fun show! Class-assigned times will be in classroom newsletters.


    Kindergarten -- Reminder

    Children who will be five years old by September 1, 2020 are age-eligible to attend Kindergarten in the fall. Elementary schools have planned Kindergarten Round Up meetings in January and February. These schedules will come home in cubbies of 4 year olds, and will be posted outside classrooms. If you question which home school your child will attend, please let me know. Kindergarten Round Up is an important parent event to attend to learn more about what to expect next year. In the spring, schools will have a visitation day for incoming kindergartners as well. If you have any questions about this, I'm happy to help. It’s a good idea to call your home school so they have your contact information for upcoming registration.


    2020/21 School Year

    It’s almost time to make plans for the 2020/21 school year! Registration for our programs will begin next week! Please watch your email for details! Current families and siblings have first priority, before available openings are offered to families on our waitlist.


    Did You Know???

    Did you know that every Thursday we are lucky to have Seaholm students in the FLEX program volunteer in our classrooms for about an hour? This leadership class gives high school student opportunities to help in the community, test out possible career choices, and develop leadership skills. Our ECC kiddos love having them visit as they play together, read together, do art….whatever the children initiate! This will continue until the end of their trimester, in early spring.


    Parenting Tidbit

    Attached to this newsletter is a chart of tasks, by age, that children can be expected to be able to do as they help around the house. Thank you to Kelly, our Project Find Coordinator, for sharing this with us after she received it from her child’s school! As you know, at school we expect children to be as independent as possible and they are capable of doing so many things on their own. The greatest thing about this age is their desire to help! I’ll never forget my oldest son, now 23, who would wake up on Sunday mornings (at age 5) and ask, “What we are organizing today, Mom!” He loved putting Tupperware lids together by size, nesting bowls, sorting silverware, you name it! At school we hear all the time, “My child did what?!” “My child cleaned up his lunch by himself? Without being asked?” YES, they did! They are expected to help as part of their school family in the classroom. We clean up together, they keep track of their personal belongings, they sweep the floor, help wash dishes after cooking, organize and sort toys into specific bins, and wipe up their own spills! Begin thinking of small ways they can begin to help at home. This will empower them, and help them feel capable while building confidence and independence! Small children can sort laundry by color, match socks, put away toys, use a Swiffer, push a vacuum, use a broom and dustpan, feed the family pet, set the table, take out the recycling, and YES…help clean up their own room!! As you teach them to be helpful, your job will become a bit easier! AND they will grow up independent and able to take care of themselves!


    Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter!

    Happy New Year!