February 3, 2019  

    Hello ECC Families! 

    I know this is Michigan, but we are having some crazy weather days! Our classrooms will be spending time helping students acclimate to regular routines as we return for a full week of school this week!



    This Wednesday, February 6, is a half day for BPS elementary, middle and high schools. The Duck AM & PM classes will have no school. The rest of Midvale will be in full day session, on our regular schedule. In order to reduce disruption to rest time in classrooms, if you need to pick your child up early, we ask that you arrive before 12:30pm. Thank you for your advanced consideration. 


    Valentine's Day

    Hopefully you've read my email regarding Valentine's Day. As a quick review, please remember, Valentine's Day is low-key at our center. We do not have class parties like you might be used to at the elementary level. We will have an "All School Wear Red" Day, on Thursday, February 14. Each teacher will provide information pertaining to her class. Here are several center guidelines:

    • If children are exchanging valentines, there should be one for every child in the class.
    • Please do not send candy or treats to school. We will return them.
    • It may be very difficult for some children to write a valentine for each child in the class. If so, please help your child and pace the activity appropriately.
    • Young children love the ACT of giving and receiving valentines. If you've ever been in a classroom when they are opening their cards, it's so refreshing to see the joy on their face to 'read' what friends have shared with them. Trinkets and extras are not needed at this age. The card is exciting enough!
    • Please avoid trinkets and extras with Valentines in the Purple Cat and Brown Bear classes. We will return.


    I Can Read Board

    Please stop to see the I Can Read Board in  the "4s" hallway. Students in these classes have been collecting "environmental print" for the board. Enviromental print includes logos, store packaging labels, symbols, ect of familiar stores, products, brands, ect. It is one of the first things that young children "read." As children stop at te board, encourage them to read to you - even toddlers! The purpose of this activity is to promote early literacy. Also, when children begin to see themselves as a reader, it helps develop confidence. That confidence helps as they build their skills later in reading words. You can extend this learning at home as you encourage your child to read these familiar words and symbols. Shopping at the grocery store gives great oppprtunity for this practice!


    February Break Week (Feb. 18-22) - please remember Ducks have no school

    If you have enrolled your child for February break, you have already been billed through SchoolCare Works. If you did not see this charge added, we do not have your child enrolled. If this does not match your records, please call Nicole ASAP. We do have openings available if you are interested in having your child attend this week. We plan our staff needs according to student enrollment. I will send a schedule, soon, of which room each age group will be working in that week, as well as the staff who will work with students. Since we have a reduced enrollment, not all of our staff team members work that week.


    Registration for 2019/2020 School Year

    Current family registration ended last week, and families from the waitlist are being called to come in for tours. Nicole is working on approving the last set of registrations that came through on Tuesday. If you haven't recieved noticed that your days have been approved, please look for that message in the next few days. Please remember, we may be waiting on your Letter of Agreement before approving your registration.


    Kindergarten Round Up Changes

    Two schools had their Round Up events rescheduled due to the snow days last week.

    Pembroke: Tuesday, February 5, 6:00pm tour, information session to immediately follow

    Quarton: Wednesday, February 6, 6:00pm tour, 6:30pm information session


    Registration for Summer 2019

    We will open registration for summer camps at the beginning of March. Families can choose sessions of two weeks each. The schedule of the day and daily tuition rate are consistent with the school year. Brown Bears and Purple Cats will be combined into one group, and perschoolers will be in classrooms together. We will also offer our K-1 Camp again this summer! Students who have completed kindergarten or first grade are welcomed to register. This class walks to Seaholm high school each day to swim in the high school pool. Flyers are hanging near classrooms, and in the office. 


    March is Reading Month!

    March is recognized, nationally, as Reading Month! Even though we certainly believe every month is a reading month, we annually join others in celebrating! Your class newsletters will have details about activities going on in March! Please be sure to continue to read to your child every day! This daily focus has benefits that include spending individual time with your child, exposing them to rich literature, practicing early learning concepts like noticing letters and words in books, as well as talking about the storyline, characters and predicting what will happen next! Reading with your child every day is one of the single most important activities you can do to enhance their learning and success in school. Reading all types of books builds your child's background knowladge, enhances vocabulary and teaches them that written words have meaning and give messages to others. The rewards of reading are endless.


    Mother Goose Visit

    Speaking of reading...Nursery rhymes aren't just for babies! They are so valuable to practice and repeat over and over with young children. "Mother Goose" will visit in March and she is always such a positive addition to our day. In full costume and complete with her goose puppet, named Gander, she will spend time with each class and practice nursery rhymes and sign songs. Hopefully you will hear your little one singing and rhyming! The ability to hear sounds in language, which first starts with the abitity to ryhme, is a precursor to learning to read.


     Parent Tidbit:

    Well....with all this talk about reading....Reading alphabet books is an excellent way to expose and introduce letters to your child. Books that have one letter on each page with pictures of items corresponding to that letter sound provide good experiences into letter and sound knowledge. Children usually learn the letters in their name first. See if you and your child can find their letters in the books that you read. Begin to look at upper as well as lower case letters. Look for interesting alphabet books as you visit the library together!


    Have a great evening!

    Laura Tinsley