November 27, 2019

    Good Morning ECC Families,  


    Although reflection is important at all times of the year, this week is often a time when we are focused on intentionally recognizing all that we are thankful for. I am thankful every day that I am able to come to a job that I absolutely love! I realize not everyone can say that! I am always humbled by our supportive ECC parent community. Thank you for sharing your children with us, and entrusting their care and education in our program! I know you have choices, and I appreciate that you have placed your confidence in our school. On behalf of my whole team, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!



    Superintendent Visit

    Last week, our superintendent, Mr. Dziatczak, came to visit! He spends much of his time visiting each BPS school and I was proud to show him all the great things happening during our day! You may have seen his picture on Twitter. He observed a variety of activities during the Worktime part of the morning and he learned the importance of this part of our daily routine. I look forward to future visits!



    Speaking of Twitter :) if you'd like to follow Mr. Dziatczak, his Twitter name is @MDZLeadership. He posts often the wonderful  things going on in the district. If you'd like to follow me, I often post pictures of ECC activities, early childhood articles and good information for parents...and well, you may occasionally see a proud mom post! My Twitter name is @LauraMTinsley. 


    Project Warmth

    Thank you to everyone who has shared in filling the box in the lobby with hats, mittens, gloves, ect., for The Lighthouse of Oakland County. This has been our largest collection yet, and always a great partnership with our neighbors at NEXT, the senior center! We will continue collecting through December 20th. 


    School Pictures

    Thank you to Aly Darin, our fabulous photographer! I saw some very cute faces as I peeked at proofs! She works very hard to get a great photo of each child. I am greatful for the time she spends with us to get just the right pictures! If you ordered prints, she will return them soon and the class composites will be sent home a bit later. Hopefully you appreciate the playful nature of these candid photos, as your child will be in front of that traditional blue background for the next 13 years :) 


    Lost and Found

    We have quite a bit collected in our Lost & Found area. Please take a look in the lobby next week to see if anything belongs to your child. 


    Water Bottle Filler


    You may have noticed yesterday we received our new water bottle filler! We are very excited! Please feel free to use this if you need to refill your child's water bottle. It is located next to the playroom. (It is filtered water :) )


    Breakfast with a Buddy!

    This event was formerly referred to as "Breakfast with Dads" however we've changed the title to reflect all different family types! This is a fun event for your child to bring a special adult "buddy" to share time with at school. Each class has planned for you to make breakfast together (pancakes, waffles, ect.) and then have some time to play! We hope that someone can join your child. This is one of our favorite events! Please look for details in your classroom newsletter! The schedule is as follows:

    December 5: Butterflies, Giraffes, Caterpillars (9:00am-10:00am)

    December 12: Kangaroos, Owls, Raccoons (9:00am-10:00am)

    December 13: Ducks (please see time in Ms. Elizabeth's newsletter)

    December 19: Purple Cats (9:00am-10:00am)

    December 20th: Brown Bears (2:45pm-3:30pm) *Please note, Ms. Cassie has altered this event a bit to better meet the needs of her class.


    Break Week Registration

    Even though Birmingham schools are closed for one week in February and one week in April, our school stays open for families interested in enrolling. Registration is open, and spots are filled on a first-come, first served basis. If you'd like your child to attend, please log into your SchoolWorks account to register.



    Parenting Tidbit

    It's important for you to know why we don't "celebrate" Thanksgiving at our school. If you've been at other centers, or even the elementary schools, you may have asked yourself, "Why are there no pilgrim projects at Midvale?" "Why is there no feast?" "How come my child didn't bring home a hand-print turkey?" These are all logical questions! You might remember from earlier information that Midvale stays low-key! We limit the changes that children have to their day, and don't have large celebrations (notice our Breakfast with a Buddy is only one hour). More importantly, however, is that the history of Thanksgiving isn't relevant or meaningful to a young child. Learning about pilgrims and the Mayflower do not have much meaning to a toddler or preschooler. Young children live in the "here and now," in their world that is very ego-centric. The concept of pilgrims or ideas that relate to why we have Thanksgiving are very abstract, as they happened long ago (time is abstract!). What IS relevant to young children is that Thanksgiving might mean visits from/to relatives, or that there is a big feast that occurs at home or elsewhere. They also might make the connection that families might eat turkey or say a special prayer before a meal. It might mean that adults around them are talking about what they are thankful for. At school, we don't focus on Thanksgiving as a teachable moment, pre se, except to introduce the concept of being thankful and what that might mean to them. We will certainly encourage students to share stories about where they are traveling, who their visitors were, and what delicious treats they may have eaten---IF they are interested in talking about it. It is not a focus of lesson planning, or relate to curriculum goals. As you think about what you'd like your child to learn during this holiday, it's developmentally appropriate to introduce the idea of gratitude and thankfulness. 


    Keep in mind, schedule changes over holidays can affect children’s mood, behaviors and demeanor. Try to keep routines as consistent as possible, especially nap and bedtimes. If there is a change to your schedule, give your child clear information about what will change and a lot of notice of what is coming so they know what to expect. If you have other children coming to your house, talk with your child ahead of time about toys. If there is something they won’t want to share, give them the opportunity to choose to put it away for the visit. This is a good time to prepare them that others will be playing with their toys.


    Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletter :)

    Have a great, safe and enjoyable weekend, and of course, Happy Thanksgiving!


    Laura Tinsley