ECC Logo Principal’s Newsletter

    March 23, 2022


    Hello ECC Families!


    Included in this newsletter are reminders of information shared through various school and district communication as well as your classroom newsletters. We know life is busy and it’s easy to overlook important information, so please be sure to open these emails and take a few minutes to read your child’s weekly classroom newsletters. Our teachers take extra time to write these to share activities they are doing during the week, and WHY! It’s an important goal of our program to connect with you the purpose and intention to all the great things we do with your child each day. An added bonus are pictures of children doing the activities from the week!


    Spring Break Week

    Reminder: we are closed this year for BPS’ Spring Break week, next week, March 28-April 1. We will resume regular schedules on Monday, April 4, 2022.


    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Yesterday I sent a quick email about Conferences, being held on Friday, April 29. There is No School for students on that date. Please watch for further information and a Sign Up, in your classroom newsletter.


    Truck Day!

    Save the date! We are excited to once again hold our ECC annual favorite event, Truck Day! On June 9, we will clear out the east parking lot and fill it with vehicles from the community. Among our favorites are the firetruck, police car, ambulance, school bus and various construction vehicles. If you have access to a truck/large vehicle that we could include, please let us know!


    Hearing & Vision Screening

    Each year, the Oakland County Health Department conducts hearing and vision screenings for children in the Kangaroo, Raccoon and Owl classrooms on site. Children in the Duck class who are entering kindergarten in the fall will also be screened. Hearing Screening was completed earlier this month. If your child was absent/unable to test/did not pass, you should have received a letter from the health department. Vision Screening will take place May 2 & 3. After both screening dates are completed, we will send home the documents you will need for kindergarten registration, via your child’s cubby, with results from both screenings.


    March is Reading Month!

    As you know, March is recognized, nationally, as Reading Month! While we certainly believe every month is a reading month, we annually join others in celebrating! We’ve had so much fun having guest readers each day read to our classes! We’ve even had sibling ECC alumni share their new reading skills with us! Please be sure to read to your child every day! This daily focus has benefits that include spending individual time with your child, exposing them to rich literature, practicing early learning concepts like noticing letters and words in books, as well as talking about the storyline, characters and predicting what will happen next! Reading with your child every day is one of the single most important activities you can do to enhance their learning and success in school. Reading all types of books builds your child's background knowledge, enhances vocabulary and teaches them that written words have meaning and give messages to others. The rewards of reading are endless.


    I Can Read Board

    Annnnd speaking more about reading and early literacy skills…Please stop to see the I Can Read Board in the “4s” hallway. Another way to celebrate your child reading is to encourage them to identify print in their environment. Students in these classes have been collecting “environmental print” for the board. This includes names of family and friends, logos, store signs, packaging labels, restaurant signs, advertisements, etc. How many of you have a child who shouts, “There is Target!” or notices Starbucks before you see it? Being able to “read” these symbols helps children develop an important pre-reading skill as they learn that symbols have meaning. Encourage your child to “read” these symbols as you are out and about, and as you pass the hallway board! Developing their sense of being a reader is the first important step in becoming a reader! Even toddlers can “read” environmental print J ***We still have more room on the board; if your child (any age!) wants to bring something they can “read” to put up on the board, please bring it to the office and we will add it!!


    Activity Idea: Make a list of logos to take on a familiar shopping trip. Have your child find logos as you shop. Young children love a clipboard and a marker J Have them either help you shop for items or do a scavenger hunt and cross off the logo when they find it. I bet they can find Lego, Cheerios, Oreos, Goldfish, favorite foods/toys as well as familiar items you have around the house. PLUS it keeps them engaged during your shopping trip!


    Parenting Tidbit

    I cannot say enough how important it is to read to your child every day. Reading alphabet books is an excellent way to expose and introduce letters to your child. Books that have one letter on each page with pictures of items corresponding to that letter sound provide good experiences into letter and sound knowledge. Children usually learn the letters in their name first. See if you and your child can find their letters in the books that you read. Begin to look at upper as well as lower case letters. Look for interesting alphabet books! Other great books to look for are those with a rhyming text. As you read and re-read books, omit the last word in the sentence and see if your child can name the missing rhyming word! Wordless picture books are a great way to help your child tell stories, too! As they read the pictures, they can develop the story line, names of characters and create the ending to the story!! Goodnight Gorilla is a popular wordless picture book that we read here often J


    Thanks for taking the time to read through this month’s newsletter!

    Have a great afternoon!


    Laura Tinsley

    Principal of Early Learning

    Birmingham Public Schools