• Hello and welcome to Seaholm: a great place to learn and enjoy community!  My name is Ben Briere.

    I’ve enjoyed teaching in Birmingham for over 10 years. Over that time, I’ve taught English Language Arts and English Language Development at multiple levels. That’s a lot of great students met, great books read, and a lot of levels of literacy gained! 

    I love teaching because I get to center great works of art, complex ideas, and curious students.  I believe that teaching is community work: I need to be a leader in my classroom, I need to center the ideas and understandings of my students, and I need to put those students in conversation with each other and with society. This is rigorous work.  It involves many complex literacies.  It involves negotiating different life experiences and ideas.  It involves personal integrity and collective effort.  And, embedded in all that, are all the nuances of the ELA discipline! Yet, year after year, I get to see the magic of rigorous, community-oriented education!

    If you’d like to follow up about Seaholm, Flex, ELD, or the wonders of education, find me at: bbriere@bps-schools.com