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Mr. Hoffmeyer

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  • Biology

    Honors Biology


    Biology is a required college preparatory course that provides a comprehensive survey of the major branches in biology with an emphasis on laboratory investigation. Topics include properties of water, macromolecules, cells and cell cycles, bioenergetics, genetics, DNA and biotechnology, and evolution.

     Honors Biology is an accelerated two-trimester inquiry based course designed for students planning to pursue further studies in life science at the college level. Laboratory studies will represent a large portion of the curriculum. Conceptual analyses of principles of biology and chemistry will be emphasized. Major areas of study will include biochemistry, energy transformation, cells, genetics, molecular biology of the gene, DNA technology and evolution. Successful completion of this class will prepare students for the rigors of both Advanced Placement and collegiate level biology.



    Earth from ISS


    Astronomy is a one trimester course in which students will identify constellations and investigate the relationship between the Earth, moon, and sun.  Students will investigate how to measure the size and distance to objects in our galaxy and the importance of light and telescopes.  Students will learn about the properties and functions of the sun, and explain stellar evolution and describe stellar remnants.  We will discuss characteristics of our solar system, including planets, meteors, asteroids, comets, and our place in the Milky Way Galaxy. Furthermore, students will learn about theories of the universe and the search for extra terrestrials.