• ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

    Madrid, Spain  

    Welcome to Sra. Menna's Spanish class!


    I teach Spanish levels 1-3 at Seaholm. In my classes, we will explore the geography, history, customs, and cultural traditions of various Spanish-speaking regions. Students will develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the second language. All class materials are avaible on my Google Classroom page. Please email me if you would like to be added to my page: emenna@birmingham.k12.mi.us


    I have been teaching Spanish since 2005 and hold a B.A. in Spanish Education from Western Michigan University and a M.A. in Language Learning from Wayne State University. Both my undergrad and graduate coursework included extensive study abroad programs in Burgos and Sevilla, Spain. In 2018, Ms. Meleca and I organized a Seaholm travel learning trip to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, and I hope to make student travel to Spanish-speaking countries a bi-annual event at Seaholm. I am currently in the process of planning a Seaholm culture and community service tour to Peru for Spring Break 2020. For more information, follow this link: Peru 2020. I am also the sponsor of the Seaholm Spanish National Honor Society (La sociedad hispanica honorária de Seaholm). If you would like more information about this group, please visit our department website: Spanish National Honor Society


    I look forward to making Spanish language learning a fun and rewarding experience for all Seaholm students!