Welcome to Technology Services

  • Welcome to Technology Services

    The Technology Services team supports the innovative use of technological tools for all Birmingham Public Schools staff and students.  We are here to assist you with daily technology needs, help you solve challenging applications issues, and explore new technologies for future implementation in our buildings and classrooms.  Behind the scenes we work to ensure your experience with technology is productive, reliable, and safe.  For our classrooms, we believe technology is a necessary 21st Century teaching and learning tool to enhance student learning and the instructional environment. Our philosophy is that all learners, beginning at the earliest grades, will gain increasing exposure to, and competency with, these tools for learning. This spiraling of utilization and integration will broaden as students advance through the Birmingham Public School system resulting in 21st Century capable learners that can appropriately utilize technology to enhance their learning, communication, productivity, and personal expressions. To maximize the impact of these tools, teachers must carefully match learning opportunities with available technology, extensively support students as they engage in learning, and assess the impact of its use.


     Check-out ClickNotes. Monthly highlights of classroom technology integration, useful resources, support links, district technology updates and tools to support and enhance learning. 

Seaholm Students using Technology