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    LINKS is a program where a student with special needs is LINKed with one or more general education student(s) during lunch and recreation time. LINK volunteers are encouraged to eat lunch and spend recreation time with their friends and include their assigned student with them. Many Derby students have benefited from this program in the past and have found it very rewarding.

    Throughout the school year, I will meet with the LINKS volunteers during lunch and/or recreation time to problem-solve and share experiences. There are also field trips, pizza lunches, fun desserts, and other perks provided throughout the school year.

    Some LINKS work with students with special needs once per week, while others choose to be involved several days per week. Students are required to make a 10-week commitment. After the 10 weeks, they may choose to continue with their LINK or to take some time off, allowing other students to become involved. They may return to LINKS at the beginning of the next marking period.

    Please feel free to contact me at jgresens@birmingham.k12.mi.us to further discuss the LINKS program!