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  • REMINDER:  THERE IS NO X-BLOCK ON TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2019.  Follow a Monday/Wednesday/Friday Schedule.  Classes begin at 7:30 am.

    Co-President Election Voting

    Class of 2020

    Class of 2021

    Class of 2022

    Groves Core Values

    As part of the Groves Character Education,
    we are looking for three core values that currently represent our community.

    Senior Class Activities

    Library Information for Seniors-

    • All library books and textbooks need to be returned to the library by Monday, May 20th unless needed for a final. 

    • Please pay all library fines including overdue fines or lost books by Monday, May 20th before cap & gown distribution.  

    • Transfer all files from your H: drive or BPS Google Drive before graduation. You will not have access to your files after you graduate. Here is a guide to help you transfer your files.

    For Class of 2019:  Senior Final Exams Policy

    Important Dates for Seniors - Class of 2019

    Attendance Reminders:   To report your student’s absence, tardiness, or any attendance concern, please call the main line 248-203-3500 option 2.

    If your student needs to leave early, please send a note.   This makes it so much easier for a student to leave the classroom on time.  Calling the classroom is disruptive to the teacher and fellow students. 

    The Academic Summer School is open now for registration.  The link is below or it can be found on the BPS home page.  All classes meet at Seaholm.


    Class of 2019 Yearbook Portraits Information:  Senior Portrait Information

    Senior Class - Class of 2019
    All Night Party Forms and Information:

    Senior All Night Party Order Form

    Senior All Night Party Transportation/Bus Form

    List of 10 Items for Senior Class of 2019

    Senior Party - Baby Pictures Needed

    Senior Lawn Sign Order Form

    Senior Wishes Order Form

    Senior All Night Party Sponsorship Form

    From the Counseling Office:  To schedule an appointment with your counselor, please click on one of the following links:

    Mrs. Fugedi: https://tinyurl.com/fugediappointments

    Mr. Hurns: https://tinyurl.com/hurnsappointments

    Mr. Kolb: https://tinyurl.com/kolbappointments

    Mrs. Kowalchuk: https://tinyurl.com/kowalchuk-appointment 

    Mrs. Phillips: https://tinyurl.com/phillipsappointments

    To change schedule:  https://tinyurl.com/requesttochangeschedule

    To Read the Counseling Blog: https://grovescounseling.blogspot.com/

    eFunds for Schools 

    How do to I pay for any fees that I may need to pay?

    This is a separate program from the Infosnap registration system and will require a separate login and password.

    You will need your student(s) id number(s) to link to your children’s names and fee options. Id number(s) can be found on your student’s id card and/or report card. Another source is when you are completing the on-line registration.

    To create an account or to login to an existing account, visit: https://payments.efundsforschools.com/v3/districts/56264

    Once on the eFunds for Schools homepage, the links for to “Create An Account” or to “Login” are half way down on the left. Please print your eFunds receipt and have your student bring to registration on August 21, 22 or late registration.

    Will there be fees associated with using e-Funds?

    There is a small convenience fee associated with each payment: $1.00 for using your checking/savings account information (direct ACH), and $2.65 (per $100) for using your credit/debit card.

    Please make sure both the e-Funds and online registration have been completed before arriving at registration on the assigned date.  Your student will need to bring the efunds receipt with them to registration.

    Groves Course Catalog 2019-2020

    Groves Course Numbers 2019-2020

    9th Grade Course Planning Guide

    College and Career Center News

    College Visit Schedule – All juniors and seniors are invited to attend meetings with the college admission reps who visit Groves. Register in person, in advance in the Counseling Office and obtain a pass to be excused from the class you will miss. Most College Visit meetings are held in the College & Career Center unless otherwise indicated.

    College Visit Schedule 2018-2019

    Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up and Visitor Parking 
    Families are encouraged to use the district transportation service whenever possible.
    Families choosing not to use district transportation are encouraged to
    carpool with friends and neighbors.

    Students may be dropped off and picked up from three (3) locations:
    the Front Circle Drive off 13 Mile Road,
    the designated drop off lanes in the West Lot-the West Porch “designated drop off lane”
    or the Pool Entrance area.
    The “designated drop off lanes” will be marked by painted lines
    along the West Porch and Pool Entrance area.
    Parents are asked to pull up as far forward as possible
    when using the Front Circle Drive, the West Porch, or the Athletic area.
    Please pull into the area so student traffic can continue to move in the lot.
    Left hand turns from the Front Circle Drive are strongly discouraged.
    Left hand turns may be unsafe and will cause traffic to become congested in the circle drive.
    These areas will become congested from 7:15 to 7:30 a.m. and from 2:45 to 3:00 p.m.
    Parents are encouraged to drop students off prior to 7:10 a.m. and pickup after 2:50 p.m.

    All students must be picked up by 3:00 p.m. every day.
    Students who are not participating in an after-school activity will have to exit the building.

    There will be no student drop-off or pick-up in the North Lot or North Lane
    because of safety issues. Drivers may not use the Music Circle Drive
    for drop-off or pick-up - this area is designated for buses only.
    Consequences for families who use the North Lot, North Lane or
    Music Circle drive for drop-off are at the discretion of the administration
    and are adjusted as necessary based on the severity of the situation.

    Parents who visit the school during the day may park in the
    Front Circle Drive or the visitor parking area at the entrance to the West Lot.
    Visitors must check in with the front desk to identify their vehicle.




  • Birmingham Groves High School

    A Tradition of Excellence, since 1959

    Through its mission, Groves seeks to be a community of learners which values each individual and fosters intellectual excellence, personal development, social responsibility and ethical standards.  It only takes one step onto the Groves campus to see this mission quickly come to life. Exceptional teaching and learning inhabits classrooms while an air of encouragement and acceptance builds students' connections with each other and the community at large.  The Groves Advantage lies within the community that makes up Groves -- committed and enthusiastic educators, a compassionate support team of staff members, engaged parents and students eager to move themselves and each other toward successful futures.


    Dr. Embekka Roberson, Principal

    Othamian Peterson, Assistant Principal

    Delois Spryszak, Assistant Principal

    Darin Wilcox, Assistant Principal

    Tom Flynn, Athletic Director



    Learn More about Groves from the Hafen and Moore Families.