Welcome to the College Visit calendar!

    Colleges and Universities will be presenting via platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google meet.  Click on event to see addition information.
    Items to note:
    • Letter codes: UNI: Groves and Seaholm Students will hear the presentation together. GRO: Presentation aimed particularly at Groves students. SEA: Presentation aimed particularly at Seaholm students.
    • Where Colleges are speaking to only one high school, presentations will be identical. Parents are welcome to attend but students are encouraged to ask questions. 
    • At least one member of the Counseling Department will be on every call and act as the moderator.
    • Some institutions will be handling the hosting and others will be handled on the District Zoom account. NOTE if registration or a password is required to attend a virtual presentation.

    Check back often as College Fairs in a virtual setting are beginning to pop up, these allow students to schedule one on one or small group Q&A sessions/presentations.