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Purchase Laptop Insurance - Date Extended!

Laptop Insurance has been Extended!

Dell 3310 Laptop Insurance Options
In the event of accidental damage to your laptop, the district is providing an optional internal insurance plan to help cushion the cost of potential repairs to all families. The cost of the plan is $20 annually, per child and will provide a discount for families when accidental damage occurs to their device. All interpretations of accidental/intentional damage will be made at the principal's discretion.
To participate in this Insurance program, payment will need to be made through BPS Efunds. (Click  eFunds )
The plan is non-refundable. 

Repair Charge:








 No Charge


 $400.00 (See Principal) 






 $500.00 (See Principal) 



3rd (See Principal)



 $700.00 (See Principal) 



Damage because of Case Removal



(See Principal)

Lost/Damaged Power


* Student is responsible for replacement

Damaged Case




Occurrence counts for accidental damage – (Incidents reset annually)

*All occurrences are subject to principal discretion.

*Technology privileges may be lost when intentional damage has occurred.