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Auction Donations

We need auction donations!

As every year, we count heavily on our BCS community to support our fundraising event! And as always, we are very fortune to have such supportive, generous and participating families.

We made a decision this year to no longer solicit donation baskets per classroom, and instead focus our efforts on the online auction. Therefore, we sincerely encourage you to think about your network and contacts...particularly those that, without you, we would otherwise have no personal connection.

For example…

  • Do you run your own business from which you can donate items or services?
  • Do your neighbors/friends have their own businesses?
  • Do you have season tickets to a sports event and you don’t plan to use them all?
  • Do you have a vacation home/time share you won’t need to use?

Consider donating these or other items to our 2021 Blast Auction.

Please contact Jennifer Ruks  or Emily Gessner with any questions or to pick up a donation.