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Two Potential Resources to Pilot

The Curriculum Design Team is excited to share that they came to a consensus around two excellent resources for math instruction to recommend for pilots in the fall! The team is seeking approval to pilot Learn Zillion's Illustrative Math K-8 and i-Ready Classroom Mathematics K-8 in the fall of 2022. These recommendations were shared with the board on Tuesday evening, and the board will vote at their regular board meeting on May 24th. If the board approves this recommendation, information about piloting will be shared soon after. Thank you again to the Curriculum Design Team for their dedication to ensuring that the students in BPS have access to the highest quality instructional materials available! 

If you are interested in reviewing these materials, you can email Stacey Summerhill at to set up an appointment.  You can also virtually explore these two resources. 

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics   Illustrative Mathematics