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GPAC Recognitions

GPAC Recognitions

The annual Michigan Thespian Festival  took place on Dec. 4-6. The virtual festival brought together students and teachers from across Michigan, and while it was virtual it still retained all of the elements of the live festival.


Grove’s students competed in the Individual Events with 21 entries. These events are adjudicated by 3 professionals or university professors with expertise in the particular category. The students were coached and directed by Mr. John Rutherford, director of theatre at W.E. Groves High School, but had to figure out how to record, present and perform for the virtual format all on their own.


Superior (highest rating possible)

Maya Ousachi-Monologue

Lily Reed-Nordwall-Monologue

AJ Camisa & Lily Reed-Nordwall-Duet Acting

Laurent Sainte-Marie & Anna Forberg-Duet Acting

Clare Birley-Solo Musical Theatre

Ainsley Nelson-Solo Musical Theatre

Clare Birley/Ainsley Nelson-Duet Musical Theatre

Jim Allen-Sound Design

Jack Handzel-Sound Design

Gillian Emerick-Makeup Design

Adam Rhen-Theatre Marketing

Sami Meal-Playwriting, Hayden Miller-Short Film

Excellent (second highest rating possible)

Alexis Richardson-Monologue

Taylor Hunter-Monologue

Hayden Miller & Hope Sherwood-Duet Acting

Jack Handzel & Gillian Emerick-Duet Acting

Annelise Ross-Solo Musical Theatre

Annelise Ross-Theatre Marketing

Mia Frank-Short Film

In addition to the individual events, Alexis Richardson participated in both college scholarships and thespian scholarship auditions. Alexis received one of the 10 Thespian Scholarships given out. Congratulations, Alexis!