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Groves Scriptor


Groves students on Zoom showing their awards


The American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) awarded The Scriptor 3 first place awards in this year’s national journalism competition:  

  • National First Place in Journalism
  • Overall Best High School General Magazine
  • Most Outstanding Story Award written by  Sydney Jacob


ASPA’s panel of journalists and educators rank student newsmagazines from colleges and high schools across the United States based on the following criteria: coverage, ethics, research and writing, page design, general plan, art/photography, business acumen, creativity, editing, and community leadership.  This year, the Scriptor  scored  the highest on the rubrics to earn  these First Place Awards. 


In this year's, congratulations letter to the Scriptor staff, the ASPA  judges wrote: “Dear adviser Laura Redman and Groves student journalists, Your ability to keep your publication alive and publishing during a pandemic is a testament to your dedication and devotion to your publication, school, community and to each other. Congratulations for surviving this unpredictable situation successfully. Not only have you mastered the elements of a well-designed magazine but you have published excellent works from your diverse school population.  The Scriptor is a model for those up-and-coming magazines and an inspiration for those students across the country that haven’t quite aced this level of writing and design. Scriptor is an excellent publication, which deserves First Place in the annual American Scholastic Press Association’s Magazine Competition.  Creating a magazine teaches students the fundamentals of publishing and a variety of writing modes,  proofreading and editing skills, concepts of design and composition while promoting a community of young writers, thereby promoting esteem and school-wide status.  Your magazine shows the superior efforts of talented and creative writers, artists, photographers, layout/graphics designers, staff members, contributors, and adviser.”


Along with these national awards, the prestigious, MSU-based magazine, “A Cut Above: The Best in Student Media,” published an article written by Scriptor Editor Ryan Duffy,  titled  “Visibility does not mean security”.  This magazine was recently published to serve as showcase of the best in student writing and to serve as a guide for other aspiring journalists.  To read Ryan’s article and other Scriptor articles re-published by this statewide magazine, click on this link:


Thank you to the Groves staff, administrators, district administration, union leaders, and board of education members for helping us win these awards by granting my students interviews, spending your time helping students understand our community and issues concerning our school (s) and by encouraging Groves students to pursue their interests in journalism.   A student magazine cannot win such accolades without the support of the entire staff of the school and district.



Please congratulate the following newspaper students who were instrumental in the Scriptor winning  these awards:


Myrkia Maguire 

Mackenzie Beem

 Ryan Duffy

 Caden Lenhardt Meyers

Lauren Eshelby

 Blair Chernow 

 Stavros Panos

Emma Schardt

Kaitlyn Williams 

Sydney Jacob

Theresa Fabien

Ella Russell

Isaac Michaels 

Ethan Lulkin 

Erin Little

Annika Paluda

Joelle Allen

Rocco Prindle

Roni Blank

Anderson Cabble

Chadwick Cole

Ethan Marcus

Alex Warren

Genna Tran

Jackson Zako

AJ Zako

Jack Peltz

Amanda Acey

Jacob Schwartz

Hannah Michaels

Turner England

Ben Bolton

Emma Demarco