Cranbrook Kingswood Natatorium

To access the natatorium do not enter campus through the Woodward Avenue entrance.
• Enter the 550 Lone Pine Road parking area. This is located at the corner of Lone Pine Road and Orchard Ridge Road, between Telegraph and Woodward Avenue. The entrance to the parking lot is the opening in the brick wall. Pull up to the gate. Once you pull up to the gate it will rise.

If the lot is full additional parking is available to the far north. Drive toward the parking lot exit. The additional parking is located next to the tennis courts and ice arena.
• Once you have parked walk up the paved ramp/drive. Follow the signs to the Williams Natatorium.
• At the top of the ramp/drive, just under the sheltered awning, enter the double doors on the left.
• Follow the long hallway. Near the end of the hallway turn right.