How do I participate?

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We have 24 titles to choose from.  Read as many of the titles as you like!

Submit reviews on the titles you read on Destiny Discover.  Here's how.

Each review should include:

  1. your full name and grade
  2. a brief summary of the book (but don’t spoil the ending)
  3. why you did or did not like the book
  4. who you would recommend the book to (people who like...)

For each review you submit, your name will be entered into the drawing.  Since there are 24 books, you have the potential to be entered into the drawing up to 24 times.

We will have three winners who will receive gift certificates to Book Beat, a local bookstore.  Third place will get a $20 gift certificate, second place will get a $30 gift certificate, and first place will get a $50 gift certificate.  (We will only give one prize per student.)