January Business Technology Blog

Posted by Michael Munaco on 1/30/2017

The Business Technology Department decided to begin a blog that will contain points of pride, important upcomming dates, and information that we feel you might find interesting. The following are things that the department has been working on:


What we are doing...

  • Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management have been working together as kate Rogers designed two shirts that were ordered and sold in The Maple Tree
  • Our new Game Design class is in full swing! The class has been creating a simple stair project with First Person and Third Person Controllers. They were also able to experiement with the Oculus Rift and our new interactive Joysticks in class. 
  • Web Design A classes are completing their unit on hand-coding in HTML, the  language of the web. Students are adding JavaScript to their web pages to enhance their webpages. 
  • AP Computer Science students are continuing their studies this term with a lot of heavy work with arrays. They have been using Magpie Lab from the College Board for practice. 


Upcomming events...

  • Wednesday, January 18th Conferences
  • Tuesday, January 24th 8th Grade Curriculum Night
  • Tuesday, February 7th Field Trip to Ford Field (Mrs. Slatin's Sports Marketing and Entertainment courses)


By Month