As our 8th graders move on...

Posted by Pam Lucken on 6/12/2019 9:00:00 PM

While our 8th graders have grown physically and academically at Berkshire, we’ve seen a lot of social growth as well. They’ve been involved in projects through their classes, clubs and C3 that have helped develop their character and expand their experiences. They’ve mentored our younger Berkshire students and volunteered at Angels’ Place through NJHS. They have been inspired to hold food drives for Lighthouse at Thanksgiving and Gleaners in March. Our students from Mrs. Cummins’ C3 sponsored a huge book drive for Brilliant Detroit. Students in Mrs. Jolokai’s C3 were penpals all year with 1st graders at Bingham Farms, inspiring a love of reading and writing in those students. Forensics students performed for audiences at Beverly Elementary and Bingham Farms, and our 8th graders took extra time to mentor the 5th grade classrooms with some advice for coming to Berkshire. They’ve sold concessions at basketball games to raise funds for Brilliant Detroit (Babcock). They’ve singlehandedly promoted and managed recycling at our school (Peterson). They fundraised to provide a holiday for a family in need (Baldridge). Together with the rest of the school they helped to raise over $12,000 for the American Heart Association through Hoops for Heart. Our ESL students fundraised to support a family Venezulan family in need.  They’ve supported and worked to fundraise for school supplies and educational support for children in Ethiopia, Guatemala and Brazil, among others. And that is this year, alone! 

We know that our students will only continue to develop their social awareness as they enter into high school. Their opportunities to create change are only growing with this next step, and whether it is at Groves, IA, or another school – we hope they continue to challenge themselves to make a difference and to grow in service.