Zoom Activation for Students

Student Zoom Activation Process for Students

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to gmail.com
  3. Log in using your @bps-schools.com email address
  4. Open the Zoom activation email that you received
  5. Click Activate
  6. Enter your Gmail Credentials (@bps-schools.com email account and password)

Test your installed version of Zoom

  1. Open the installed version of Zoom
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Click Sign-In With Google (This will take you out to the internet)
  4. Enter your @bps-schools.com email address and password and click Next
  5. You may receive a message that asks if your computer can launch Zoom click Allow. Otherwise your computer should launch Zoom signed in with your new account.
  6. Your installed version of Zoom should keep you logged in going forward. If it does log you out remember that you always want to sign into your Zoom account using your Google email address and password.

Click here for the student Zoom account activation how to support video.